Jun 09

Rocktober Blood

rocktoberbloodGenre: Horror
Year: 1984
Country: USA

aka: Rockill

Director: Beverly Sebastian
Starring: Tray Loren, Donna Scoggins, Cara Cockrell, Renee Hubbard, Ben Sebastian


He’s back from the dead with a message from hell!


The band Rocktober Blood, fronted by the singer Billy, is recording new songs when something snaps inside of Billy and he kills two people in the studio. While treating Lynn, the backup singer, Billy finally gets caught and ends up being executed.

Two years go by and Lynn is now the lead singer of Headmistress, a band with the remaining people from Rocktober Blood. Their big comeback is however interrupted when it seems like Billy has come back from the dead to bring more rocking terror to their lives!

When you are willing to pop in an unknown movie called Rocktober Blood, then you should be ashamed of yourself if you have high expectations. At best you will get some murders and perhaps some decent rock n roll, and that’s what you get here.

This movie is made The Sebastians, which are the husband and wife Ferd and Beverly. They made a handful of small movies in the 70’s, including Gaitor Bait which some might have seen. They failed to create any suspense here and if you had cut out the few murders and nude scenes, there would be little left to enjoy. The music is ok if you’re into poppy 80’s rock, it worked here regardless of the quality.

The acting leaves a lot to be desires and none of the characters stick out in any good way, or any way at all. The plot has a lot of holes as expected and it’s just not a good movie at all. Some of the murders aren’t bad, but you will most likely have seen similar scenes done better in other slasher films.

Rocktober Blood is a cheesy 80’s slasher movie that also tries to incorporate the rising popularity of rock music. The best part about it is that it’s a nice look back to the 80’s and how cheesy and silly it could be at times. Be warned though, the song “Rainbow Eyes” will probably stay stuck in your head for hours after seeing this movie.




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