Nov 11

Rock: It’s Your Decision

rockitsyourdecisionGenre: Drama
Year: 1982
Country: USA

Director: John Taylor
Starring: Ty Taylor, Laura Branscum, Steve Wedan, Glenn Williams, Peggy Griner


A stirring portrayal of teenage conflict over music.


Jeff is a troubled young christian teenager. He has become a big rock ‘n’ roll fan and the music is starting to affect his life. His parents are concerned and they reach out to the school pastor Jim who are able to get an agreement with Jeff. Jeff agrees to go two weeks without listening to any rock and also do a research study on the music to see if it’s acceptable to christians or evil. These two weeks greatly affects Jeff’s relationship with his best friend, his girlfriend and it makes him question his affection for the music he has enjoyed and he now has to choose between a lifestyle that goes against his beliefs or to keep on rocking and have a normal social life.

Rock: It’s Your Decision tries to show the inner dilemma that young christians go through when they grow up. Sometimes they have to make decisions that chose their religion above their social life and that can’t always be easy for a teenager. In the beginning it is repeated that whatever path Jeff choses it should be his decision and that there is no pressure from his christian environment to make what they believe is the right decision. If he continues to listen to rock he will not be cast out by God and no one will judge him, his decision. In the end however, he of course choses God and has a ten minute long speech at his school where he tells how evil rock is and how bad it can influence you (where did the option of thinking for yourself and having your own decision go?), which ultimately makes it a very obvious christian propaganda movie.

We are also introduced to the fact that rock is tormenting this guy’s life. The only time we see any problems is when he quits listening to rock. His friends don’t change, it’s he who changes and causes the trouble between them. They let him do what he wish, although they don’t agree with him, but the trouble first starts when he refuses to spend time with them since they listen to the music he now considers evil. If I where making an anti-rock film I would have gone with the opposite way since that would make more sense with this concept, but this way it does become enjoyable to laugh at.

Rock: It’s Your Decision might be a good learning piece for very impressionable christian kids who are unsure of what to do. For people with own thoughts it’s just 52 minutes of stupid entertainment. Since it’s so short, it’s an ok watch for the curious.




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