Sep 26

RoboCop II

robocop2Genre: Action / Sci-Fi
Year: 1990
Country: USA

Director: Irvin Kershner
Starring: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Dan O’Herlihy, Belinda Bauer, Tom Noonan


He’s back to protect the innocents.


The greedy corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) is planning to take over the entire Detroit City by replacing old, traditional and poor neighborhoods with a new high-tech community that they are calling Delta City. Their new plans are causing riots, even making the police force go to such lengths as going on strike.

At the same time, a new street drug called Nuke is rising in popularity and spread over the city by the ruthless gang leader Kane. Even though RoboCop is owned by the OCP, he is still on the job and is trying his best to serve justice in the city, but how much can he do by himself?

RoboCop 2 takes the premise from the first film and makes it more campy, over the top and gives it an even bigger comic book feel to it. There’s more to laugh at and more action scenes, but even so it does not have the same fun level that the original had. This time around, the story of privatization and corruption is more muddled in the background, while the bad drug leader vs. RoboCop is more in the front. The big bad gang leader even has a ten-year old sidekick in this one, a ruthless young kid who curses and deals drugs.

Technically, this film is kind of poor. The screenplay is bad and the focus seems to never have been there by the filmmakers on set. It seems like a project where the ones involved would be happy if they just created something that would make money. It’s interesting to see who actually was behind this project, Frank Miller was part of the screenwriter crew and the film was directed by Irvin Kershner, a guy who after all did do the Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back. Perhaps his age started to show, after all he was nearly 70 years old when he directed this (which would also end up being his final movie).

And what about the main character RoboCop? I guess they did try to make him more human in this one and even gave his old self a boost by showing what can happen if you put the wrong person within such robotic powers, but we never really care that much more about him after this film. He is still a RoboCop, a robotic hero that will serve justice and bring the pain when needed. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact, the more we get exposed to him the more I can’t help but think about all his flaws instead of being impressed by his powers.

And perhaps the worst about this film is that it lasts nearly two hours and still don’t have a big ending to it. It demands another sequel, which we would end up getting. But I’m not sure most people who went out of the cinemas after seeing this one really wanted or needed a third entry to the saga. RoboCop 2 is not terrible, I mean, even if I’m being critical about the film, it is still RoboCop and you can do a lot worse than watching him kick some ass for nearly two hours. But as a sequel it is hard to object that this was a bit disappointing.




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