Nov 06

[Rec] IV: Apocalypse

rec4Genre: Horror
Year: 2014
Country: Spain

Director: Jaume Balaguero
Starring: Manuela Velasco, Paco Manzanedo, Hector Colome, Ismael Fritschi, Crispulo Cabezas


It’s time to get out


The military has killed off all the infected in an apartment complex and the only survivor is the television reporter Angela Vidal. She, and one of the soldiers named Guzman is brought on board a boat where they can be isolated and examined by a group of scientists who are trying to figure out what caused the outbreak in the first place.

The scientists also has a monkey that has been injected with infected blood. It doesn’t take long before the monkey is let loose and the infestation starts to spread among the people on the boat, leaving Angela yet again to face off against a group of bloodthirsty creatures.

[Rec] 4 is the (supposedly) final entry to the [Rec] saga, which shock things up in the horror genre back in 2007 when the first one was released too much praise. The first one was a fresh entry to the growing found footage subgenre and it did everything so well, including a great ending that would send shivers down spines worldwide. Two very well made sequels has come since the first one, leaving a big thirst for this fourth and final film.

This fourth film takes place directly after the second one (the third one had a completely separate story), and we get a simple story that tries to explain some of the origins behind the outbreak. They abandon the possibility of this coming from a devil possession and goes for a rather more sci-fi version of having an evil worm type of monster being the cause for all the havoc. It is a worm that will remind you of The Hidden or Jason Goes to Hell and it was a letdown to see them go with this addition to the storyline, even altering some of the events that happened in the first two films to make sense out of all this.

Instead of putting a lot of effort on the story itself, this becomes more action oriented and can be compared to being a Spanish version of Resident Evil. There’s hardly any scares to be found here and the new characters add little at all to the film. Angela, played again by the lovely Manuela Velasco, becomes an action heroine and one of the few positive points of this experience. Paco Manzanedo as Guzman also gets plenty of time on the screen without them doing much to make the character interesting.

While Balaguero is a proven skilled director with a growing amount of well made films under his belt, including the excellent 2011 effort Sleep Tight, his camerawork in this one is disappointing.as he goes full out for an intense and shaky way of displaying the action sequences. The film also runs through very high paced with something happening in nearly every scene, yet it doesn’t become very involving and it even becomes borderline dull after we’ve seen these characters run around on the boat for a while.

[Rec] 4 doesn’t have a lot of new to show the fans of the franchise. It seems to be a bit uninspired and ended up being disappointing as I was hoping for a lot more. There’s hardly any story here and the little bit of story changes the events of the previous films, an action that I did not care for. What we have in the end here is a fast paced action horror that doesn’t separate itself from other films within the same genre. It’s more of a disappointment than it is a bad film, but it is a film I will skip if I decide to have a [Rec] marathon in the future.




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