Aug 27

[Rec] III: Genesis

rec3Genre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: Spain

Director: Paco Plaza
Starring: Leticia Dolera, Javier Botet, Diego Martin, Alex Monner, Carla Nieto


You may now kiss the bride.


Today is a happy day for Clara and Koldo who are getting married in front of all their family and friends in a lovely church. They have hired a two guys to document their wedding and everything is going perfectly until Clara’s drunk uncle starts to throw up blood outside of the wedding reception.

A few minutes later there’s full chaos when he attacks the guests and everything who gets bitten turns into bloodthirsty demonic creatures. In the middle of all this chaos, Koldo and Clara gets separated and they have to fight off these zombie creatures each on their own to find each other and get out alive.

[Rec] 3 switches things up from the previous entries since it abandons the handheld camera point of view after the bloodbath has started, even making a little joke about it at the same time when one of the characters asks what the hell the cameraman is still filming for. It also doesn’t have much to do with the previous ones when it comes to the plot either, except that this place is also haunted by gut eating zombies. I guess it’s easier to secure success by using the same name and I guess since it uses the same type of zombies that excuse can be made that this does take place in the same “universe” as the two other films.

Paco Plaza, who also was a co-directed together with Jaume Balaguero on the two first movies, switches it up and goes for action, fun and entertainment instead of pure terror here. I’m gonna guess that a lot of fans from the first two movies will be a bit disappointed by that, but if you can overlook the differences you will find out that this is a movie that is still creative, gory and fun.

Leticia Dolera is great as Clara. When she starts to rip off parts of her wedding dress and grabs a chainsaw you can almost smell the potential in action figures and whatnot. She is really a great character and she looks beautiful here, especially outside in the rain where she meets her mother which is a beautiful shot scene. The other cast members are also good, but no one gets close enough to get the cheers that Clara will, except perhaps a funny guy hired to entertain the children in a spongebob suit called Spongebob John (of course with no connection to another spongebob that is on Nickelodeon)!

[Rec] 3: Genesis is a fast paced, gory and fun movie from Spain. If that description sounds good to you then grab this while you can cause it does not disappoint. The only thing I wished for was more scares, but I guess we can hope for that in the next one which surely will come out in a few years. It’s a different movie than the first two, but don’t let that hold it against it and look at it as a standalone film and enjoy.




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