Aug 23

The Pumpkin Karver

pumpkinkarverGenre: Horror
Year: 2006
Country: USA

Director: Robert Mann
Starring: Michael Zara, Amy Weber, Brian Kary, Bryan Jamerson, David J. Wright


Every face is a work of art


It’s Halloween and Jonathan is busy carving out a pumpkin, before he gets interrupted by his sister Lynn’s boyfriend who seems to enjoy tormenting him to no end. In another room of the house, Lynn gets attacked by a guy in a Halloween mask and Jonathan quickly comes to her rescue and stabs the guy to death. The mask comes off and it turns out that this was a prank by her boyfriend.

The court believes that Jonathan acted in self-defense and he is freed from any criminal charges, but is left with a traumatic mental state. The siblings move to another city to try to get over this terrible event and Lynn invited Jonathan to a party on another Halloween, but history seems to repeat itself and this becomes another bloody and deadly night of Halloween.

The Pumpkin Karver is a very standard slasher film that seems almost like an amateur slasher homage project, but actually is supposed to have an estimated budget of $1 million. It features a juggalo looking guy on the cover, even though the killer in the film does not look anything like him. I’m not sure why this was done, but you can take it as a hint of what you are about to get into if you decide to watch this movie.

The story is so basic and dull. There’s nothing new that you haven’t seen already, teens have a party, one of them have a dark past, murders happen etc etc etc. When the story is boring and the characters are dull you start to look for cheap fun like creative murder scenes and hopefully nudity. Sadly, there are very little nudity or in fact none at all and hardly any killing scenes either. There’s plenty of characters here, but for some reason most of them are not used as food for the killer… who first show up after about an hour.

This was the second feature film that Robert Mann has directed after an obscure 1999 movie called Trapped. He also co-wrote the script together with Sheldon Silverstein and has the main responsibility for the end product. Judging him by his work, I would guess he is a fan of the genre but just doesn’t have the creativity needed to deliver a decent film. At least that’s my impression after watching this film, you can never be sure of the future and I would be positively surprised if he proved me wrong and delivered a great new horror film one day. I would just not be the first in line to check it out.

The main guy Jonathan is played by Michael Zara, who has also done a few other low-budget films. The character is very dull and a slasher film will fail 75% of the time if you don’t have a decent protagonist. A slasher film will also fail 99% of the time if the killer himself is dull and the rotten pumpkin mask that he wears here looks cheap and crappy. Even though it lacks nudity, the film does have some pretty females to look at. Amy Weber plays Jonathan’s older sister Lynn and she brings some needed eye candy to the film at least.

The Pumpkin Karver is a slasher film with nothing new and nothing that sets itself apart from the rest. I’m gonna guess that the more slasher films you have already seen, the more you will dislike this film. It’s skippable and will probably become, if it hasn’t already, a forgotten horror film.



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