Jan 27


privateGenre: Erotica
Year: 2003
Country: Italy

original title: Fallo!

aka: All Ladies do It!, Do It!

Director: Tinto Brass
Starring: Sara Cosmi, Massimiliano Caroletti, William De Vito, Gugliemo Aru, Silvia Rossi



Private is a collection of six stories that are unrelated to each other except of the themes of sexual freedom, jealousy and relationships.

“Alibi” is the first episode. A young couple are on a trip to Morocco to celebrate their anniversary and while there, the husband convinces his wife to have a threesome with a hotel servant.

“Double Trouble” is the second episode and it is about the couples Bruno and Erika, and Stefania and Luigi. While Bruno and Stefania plays tennis, Erika and Luigi are discussing a possible part for her on a TV show. Both parties end up sleeping with each other, without telling their partner afterwards.

“Two Hearts and a Hut” follows a german (I think) couple who arrive at a hotel and starts to give huge tips to the maid Katrina for her services.

“Jolly Bangs” shows a couple on the beach, Raffaella tells her husband Ugo about her previous sexual encounters to arouse him.

“Honni Soit Qui Mal y Pense” is about a photographer named Franco who has a desire to have anal sex with his girlfriend Anna, who refuses him the pleasure before he marries her. While they attend a party with another couple, she looses her anal virginity at the same time that Franco has sex with another woman.

“Call Me Pig, Cause I Like It” tells the story of a couple on a vacation in London and they are being watched while having sex in their hotel room, too much pleasure of both the couple and the one who is watching.

Private is a very explicit collection by Tinto Brass. Most of the stories involve couples who experiment, preferably by getting other people involved in their sexual games. Most of the females cast in this is good looking, natural women – just what we would expect by Brass. It does become a bit boring however since none of the characters get any development since there are so many short stories put into this film. It shows off more of the perverse side of Brass instead of the eroticism that he is such a master of creating in other films. The visuals and creativity is also a little bit lackluster here, so Private isn’t a highlight in the beautiful career of Tinto Brass.




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