Apr 22

P.O.V. – A Cursed Film

povGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: Japan

original title: POV: Norowareta Firumu

Director: Norio Tsuruta
Starring: Haruna Kawaguchi, Mirai Shida



Mirai and Haruna are stars of a very small Television show where they watch short videos and comment on them. Today they are watching some ghost footage and the footage seems to change every time they press play and it seems to be set in Haruna’s old high school. Haruna has previously tried to hunt down ghosts and she believes that might be related to these strange videos.

The production team calls in a psychic expert that recommends that they travel to Haruna’s old school to face this problem. When they do arrive at the high school, they get plenty of ghost action and they all are in great danger.

The premise isn’t all that bad if done correctly and who knows ghosts better than the japanese? Sadly this movie resorts to very shaky handheld camera work and very little lightning when the ghost activity is going on. It goes on in a very standard way throughout the first hour but then it decides to switch up a little. Without spoiling it, just don’t turn it off when the first credits starts to run cause the movie is not over. What they did was quite original and a nice touch and I think it saved the movie a little.

What failed in the movie is first the acting which was surprisingly bad, the plot wasn’t executed properly and it failed to become scary, and I usually get frighten easily by both handheld filmed movies and also scary japanese ghost girls. So this should have been right up my alley if done correctly.

Funny enough, both Haruna Kawaguchi and Mirai Shida are playing.. themselves in this movie. I’m not familiar with their previous work and while I find them both to be cute young ladies, I was not impressed with their craft in this film. Director and screenwriter Norio Tsuruta is however someone I’ve seen stuff from before. He did Ring 0 and also one of the better episodes of season 2 in Masters of Horror with his segment called Dream Cruise. He is a competent director, but lacks a little more focus or talent to really make this movie or those two previous ones into more than average japanese ghost movies. Hopefully he hit a home run with some of his other movies.

P.O.V. – A Cursed Film is an ok horror movie. If you’re out to be scared then there are plenty of better options and the same goes if you want to see a handheld filmed horror aswell. There’s very little here that is creative and some of the scares are done a little uninspiring.




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