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piranhacondaGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Jim Wynorski
Starring: Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Shandi Finnessey, Terri Ivens, Rib Hillis


Part snake! Part fish! All killer!


Piranhaconda! The most anticipated movie of 2012! Ok, maybe not, but I’ve been waiting for it. How could a movie with such a cool title, directed by Jim Wynorski and produced by Roger Corman be bad? Scratch bad, how could it not be fun?

Michael Madsen stars as Dr. Lovegrove (heh) and with his crew he is traveling to Hawaii to find the ancient beast known as piranhaconda. When they find the beast and it’s nest they steal one of its eggs and this upsets piranhaconda very, very much. On another side of the island a film crew is busy working on a new slasher flick starring the beautiful Kimmy (Shandi Finnessey) and stuntman Jack (Rib Hillis). Put in screenplay supervisor Rose (Terri Ivens) and you got yourself a love triangle to add to the mix.

Piranhaconda will remind you of another Syfy movie directed by Wynorski – Dinocroc vs. Supergator. Both movies where mostly filmed in Kaua’i in Hawaii and they sadly even decided to use the exact same locations on both movies. They could even be filmed back to back for all i know, but it’s something that brings down Piranhaconda a bit since I saw Dinocroc vs. Supergator first.

Of course the movie brings what you would expect here. Lots of hot chicks in little clothes (marry me Shandi!!!) and lots of random people getting eaten by the monster. If it didn’t have the name, then I would not guess that piranha was a part of the monster. It looks more like a fishaconda and it acts just like every other monster in Syfy movies. You could actually use the same movie and edit in a different monster and release it and it would work just the same.

There is also a group of bad guys who kidnap our good guys in the middle of the movie for ransom. These bad guys are pretty lame and cliché and was only good for piranhacondafood.

Piranhaconda is a missed opportunity. Reusing old locations and lacking any sort of creativity doesn’t go to well for my taste. The idea of the monster is great and Wynorski has a good eye for pretty ladies, but it just isn’t enough. I do hope that they come back with Piranhaconda vs. Sharktopus, which Wynorski has said he would want to do. But this time do it at a new location and try to be more creative.




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