Apr 24

Paranormal Incident

ParanormalIncidentGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

aka: Paranormal Investigations 4

Director: Matthew Bolton
Starring: Oliver Rayon, Chelsea Vincent, Amanda Barton, Brett Edwards, Derrick Scott


Some things don’t want to be found


John wakes up in a hospital with a detective next to his bed. He is the only survivor after he and five of his friends decided to go to the closed Odenbrook Sanitarium to investigate for paranormal activities and therefore also the main suspect.

The filmed footage was also found and the only way for John to be found innocent is to go through the tapes with the detective to piece together what really happened to John and his friends at the sanitarium.

It should surprise no one that there would be a flood of amateur filmmakers who wanted to cash in after the success of Paranormal Activity. By now we’ve been greeted with found footage films that has worked such as Grave Encounters, but also excruciating bad ones such as The Amityville Haunting.

Paranormal Incident falls in the latter category. Although the name would suggest a story close to the Paranormal Activity series, this one is more like a cross between The Blair Witch Project in its amateurish look and Grave Encounters when it comes to the premise.

Even if we’ve seen a group of young people go to a haunted place to investigate the strange occurrences before, it’s still a premise that has potential to deliver some decent entertainment and even be creepy and scary if it’s done right. Paranormal Incident fails on that though and when there’s no working horror elements in it and the characters are dull as hell, then there’s little reason left to see this film.

None of the characters feel very fleshed out or interesting and the only actor I paid any attention to was Chelsea Vincent as Samantha. The rest seems like they are very aware of the poor quality of this film and I doubt any of them will look back on this film with much pride. Even though it is very low quality, director Matthew Bolton was unable to give any scares at all with this film. From what I can see, this was his very first film as a director and he also had to wear the hats of being a screenwriter and producer aswell on it. He did try to add a little twist in the end and it’s not a bad one, although at that point few would care about how he ended this film.

Paranormal Incident lacks originality, scares and fun. Perhaps if you have an obsession with found footage films that you might enjoy this, but for me the only good parts of the film was the few glimpses of nudity and Chelsea Vincent.




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