Apr 23

Paranormal Activity II

pa2Genre: Horror
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Director: Tod Williams
Starring: Brian Boland, Sprague Grayden, Molly Ephraim, Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat


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After Kristi and Dan thinks they have had an intruder at their home who has turned the place upside down they decide it’s a good thing to invest in a security system with surveillance. Kristi talks to her sister Katie about this and after more weird occurences Kristi starts to believe that they live in a haunted house.

Dan’s daughter Ali starts to investigate these haunting events that are happening and she also researches the history of their family. She finds out that the newest member of the family, the little baby named Hunter, is the first male child born in Kristi and Katie’s family since the time of their great-great grandmother. While Kristi seems to be possessed, Dan and Ali finds out that they can make this go away by doing a pact with the demons and pass the possession out of Kristi and on to another relative.

Paranormal Activity 2 is a prequel that takes place before and during the first one and explores more of the family of Katie from the first movie and how this started to happen to them. It does however not explain very much about it, I guess they saved more of the backstory for the third one which is bound to be made after this made a killing at the box office. While the budget was at 3 million dollars it actually made nearly 180 millions! Now that just screams several more sequels in the upcoming years.

Director Tod Williams tries to replicate the scares from the first one without doing anything new and creative with the concept. The scares leave a lot to be desired, even though this family has a dog and a baby which both gets to be in the center of the hauntings. There is countless of opportunities to create scares with this type of movies and he should have been able to do more. We don’t really feel the threat and the presence of the demonic powers in the house and that’s the biggest downfall of the film. The acting is ok for most parts and the characters don’t give the actors a lot of tough scenes. However, in the few scenes that do require some talent or experience they kind of falls short.

Paranormal Activity 2 feels like a quick cash in on the global success of the first one. It is simply not scary and creative enough to reach the same heights as it’s predecessor and this feels like a missed opportunity. Considering how cheap these are the make and how good they are performing at the box office, I’m sure we will see more of these and hopefully with more attention to the scares.




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