Dec 17

Official Halloween Parody

officialhalloweenparodyGenre: Adult / Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Gary Dean Orona
Starring: Lexi Belle, Chanel Preston, James Bartholet, Dana DeArmond, Carina Roman


The Night He Came!


In 1999 on Halloween night, the young Michael Myers spies on his sister having sex with her boyfriend. After they are done having fun and the boyfriend leaves, Michael puts on a mask and goes into her room while she is masturbating and stabs her to death.

Michael has been kept in an asylum for the next fifteen years, but he is able to get out while the employees are busy having sex. Michael goes back to his hometown and ends up going on a murder spree where he stalks, fucks and kills several young women.

This is one of two Halloween porn parodies that came out during 2011. Zero Tolerance was first with this one and only two month later Smash Pictures released another called Halloween XXX Porn Parody. Zero Tolerance and director Gary Dean Orona have done several porn spoofs the last years including spoofs on Vampire Diaries, Scarface, Friday the 13th, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs and Basic Instinct.

The fun part about this one is that it does follow the original plot most of the times and adds some extra stuff along the way. The bad part is that there’s not enough story here and I’d say perhaps 75% of the film is porn scenes. I wish that they had tried to add more humour to it or even tried to make some suspense in the non-porn scenes. Instead they did what most porn spoofs do these days, they make a porn with added scenes that is copies from the original material on to it. Even the title lacks imagination, Official Halloween Parody really? They do get a thumbs up for delivering a good tagline though.

The girls are mostly good-looking, although I’m not a big fan of the regular porn acting with very explicit dirty talk and almost angry-looking faces while they are having sex. Chanel Preston is the standout since she could pull off the innocent girl next door look and at the same time have a killer body. And god damn she looked good in the blue lingerie at the end. Her sex scene could have been more in character though.

We also finally (wait, what?) get to see Michael Myers have sex with one of his victims. It makes sense I guess considering he went around slashing young and pretty babysitters, so why wouldn’t he be aroused and take the chance when it is given to him. Guess John Carpenter didn’t think about that part.

The Official Halloween Parody is a decent porn film, but not anything special as a spoof. Chanel Preston in her blue lingerie at the end makes it worth watching, but it does feel like the sex scenes run too long and most of them are not very in character. It is decent, but nothing more.




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