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Nude Nuns With Big Guns

nude_nuns_big_gunsGenre: Action
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Director: Joseph Guzman
Starring: Asun Ortega, David Castro, Perry D’Marco, Maxie J. Santillan Jr., Sarah Emmons


This sister is one bad mother


Sister Sarah is an ordinary nun, the convent that she belongs do is not ordinary. The convent Sister Sarah has gotten herself into deals with drugs, biker gangs and prostitution. When she is caught with some of the coke that belongs to a biker gang she is taken into a brothel, injected with drugs and made into a whore. One night, under the influence, she hears from God and is told to retaliate against the evil men.

The movie delivers nude nuns, lesbian nuns, guns, rape and action scenes. It might sound like a fun movie, but it’s not very entertaining. It does start ok and has the look of a Robert Rodriguez movie, but doesn’t follow up with substance. Instead of being fun it’s actually quite mean-spirited with rape scenes being made out as supposedly humorous scenes.

It would take something really special to get comedy out of a scene where a father and husband sees his wife gets raped in front of her daughter who is also threatened, here it’s supposed to be a comic relief, not sure what they where thinking with that one but it sure wasn’t executed very well. It feels like this should be a thirty minute long movie and they only added extra scenes to make it have a normal movie length.

This is also the biggest problem with the movie, it feels very repetitive and also it’s like eating a steak dinner and only having the steak (represented by nudity and violence) without any accessories (story, more character development and etc). There needs to be something added to the plate to make the meat taste as good as it should. If they made this as one part story together with other short movies then they could have something that would work here.

Asun Ortega looks great as Sister Sarah and David Castro is good and sleazy as Chavo – the leader of the biker gang. It should also be mentioned that this is supposed to be made with only $85,000 but looks like it was made for a lot more than that both in the visuals and in the acting.

Director Joseph Guzman is trying to make this into a slick and cool little «Grindhouse» flick, but ends up with a dull movie that delivers in some nice nudity and a great title which will sell the movie but not make anyone watch it twice.




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