Jul 25

Nothing Left to Fear

nothinglefttofearGenre. Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Director: Anthony Leonardi III
Starring: Anne Heche, James Tupper, Ethan Peck, Rebekah Brandes, Carter Cabassa


Let us prey


Dan is taking his family of five with him to a small town called Stull in Kansas where he will get started on a new job assignment as a Pastor. His teenage daughters aren’t thrilled to live out in the countryside, but the oldest one named Rebecca quickly gets settled in after befriending a local boy named Noah.

After a night that was supposed to be filled with fun at the summer festival, Rebecca’s sister Mary becomes ill after drinking drugged lemonade and is taken away by the towns old pastor to perform a ritual that will turn her into a demon. She is then given back to the family, but now she is also possessed by an evil force that wants to take over every person in their family.

Nothing Left to Fear got some free publicity before its released due to the fact that it is produced by the rock icon Slash from Guns N’ Roses. He also, together with Nicholas O’Toole, provided the music for the film. The story is based on an urban myth about the real town called Stull that are supposed to be the home of one of the Seven Known Gateways to Hell.

Now, while that might sound like a good premise for a horror film and it is a production that had a good budget of approximately 2 million dollars which made them afford to have an experienced cast, there is sadly hardly anything that was done right with this film.

First of all, the film is dull. Very dull. It runs for 100 minutes, spends the first 50 minutes wasting time by focusing on Rebecca and Noah. The two are played by actors that are in their late 20’s, unsuccessfully trying to convince the viewers that their characters are ten years younger. It’s almost like going back to the teen soap dramas of the 90’s. It also doesn’t help that the two characters are very boring to watch and together they become even more boring to the viewer.

Nothing is really explained either. There’s hardly an attempt of telling a story and most of the scenes are just fillers to keep the film at a good length. Director Anthony Leonardi III is not able to set up any good scares and the music provided doesn’t deliver much in the mood department either. Either they did not know how to provide scary scenes and feelings of dread or they were just not talented enough to do it successfully.

Nothing Left to Fear is a very frustrating movie. To have a gateway to hell in a small town could work just fine and be a good premise for something scary, gory or both. I don’t know how the film could turn out this bad and while it isn’t one of the worst films I’ve seen, and far from it, it is a film that in the end pissed me off for not being better executed. With a better narrative of what’s happening in the city, a better portrayed family and some actually scary scenes this film could have been good. This is not something I say a lot, but this story could benefit from a remake right away.




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