Oct 21

Night of the Bloody Apes

nightofthebloodyapesGenre: Horror
Year: 1969
Country: Mexico

original title: La Horripilante Bestia Humana
aka: Gomar: The Human Gorilla, Horror and Sex, Sex Monsters

Director: Rene Cardona
Starring: Jose Elias Moreno, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Armando Silvestre, Norma Lazareno, Agustin Martinez Solares


Half man, half beast, all horror!


Lucy is a lucha libre (mexican wrestler) who fights her matches in a red devil outfit. One night she injures her opponent Elena and the thought of fighting again upsets her. Happily for her, the cop and boyfriend Arturo is there to calm her and help her through it. Elena gets taken to the local hospital where the brain specialist Dr. Krauman gets called in to help her.

Dr. Krauman and his assistant has recently kidnapped a gorilla from the zoo and are planning to use it for a heart transplant to save his son Julio who are terminally ill. The transplantation does give Julio new life, but also turns him into a half man – half beast. He manages to escape and attacks a woman before being captured by Dr. Krauman.

He then plans to transplant the heart from Elena into Julio to turn him back into a human being, but Julio escapes once again and now is on a bloody killing spree and both the cops with Arturo in the lead and Dr. Kaufman are now after him and while the last one wants to capture him and save him, the cops have no trouble killing him if it means that innocent people will be kept safe.

A killer ape on the loose is not exactly something that will pump adrenaline into my blood and there’s not anything scary about this movie either. The fact that this beast escapes from captivity two or three times doesn’t help to build tension either. The beast is a kind of mexican version of Frankenstein and the final scene even draws influence from King Kong.

However, the movie isn’t all bad even though it’s silly. The gore in it is not bad (I watched the version with the added gore for the international market) and perhaps adds some extra interest to the movie considering of how explicit it is for the time it was done. The transplantation scenes are bound to make people take their eyes away from the screen and the eye popping scene is also quite gruesome. I wouldn’t be surprised if the transplantation footage is from an actual transplant, if not then thumbs up for the ones who did the effects. The english dialogue does get unintentionally funny and is perhaps the best part of the movie.

The movie is directed by Rene Cardona (Doctor of Doom, Survive), the most known exploitation director out of Mexico. I haven’t had the pleasure of becoming familiar with his other movies, but I guess I’m bounded to in the future. I have however seen some of the movies by his son Rene Cardona Jr. who ended up doing movies such as Tintorera and Beaks: The Movie. I won’t go into the actors of this movie in depths, since the dubbing took away any chance of my praising them anyway.

Night of the Bloody Apes is a false title since there is only one ape in this movie and if you’re gonna be picky he’s only a half-ape. It’s gory, silly and might just be the best mexican movie that has a half-ape, wrestlers, nudity and gore. If there is a better one out there then please don’t inform me.




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