Jan 09

The Mutilator

themutilatorGenre: Horror
Year: 1985
Country: USA

aka: Fall Break

Director: Buddy Cooper
Starring: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers, Frances Raines


By pick, by axe, by sword, bye bye!


One evening while his father was out working, young Ed Jr. started to clean one of his rifles to surprise him when his father got home. An accident happened though and the rifle went off, killing his mother and changing the life of both himself and his father forever.

Even though this scared him for life, Ed Jr. is trying to cope with his past in his adult life and about twenty years after this horrible accident, he and a group of his closest friends decide to have a weekend of fun and games in a beach house that belongs to Ed Jr.’s father. However, the past will creep up on Ed Jr. and this will be a weekend the youngsters will have a hard time surviving.

The Mutilator plays out like a prime example of an 80’s slasher that tries to give the fans of the subgenre exactly what they want, without thinking that it would be nice for them to experience something new aswell. It lacks any effort to deliver anything new to the table, trying only to rely on a few gory kills and a glimpse of nudity every now and then.

Now while that, and also an excellent choice of title (much better than the original Fall Break one) might be enough for slasher fans to want to seek this out, it is also an amateur effort lacking any type of talent in script, directing, acting and anything else you might want from a movie. Even though it is a poorly executed slasher film, it does manage somehow to be entertaining enough for fans of this particular subgenre of the 80’s. There is an unexplainable charm to these films, no matter how crappy they might be.

And to be fair, the few kills scenes that are in this film are done quite nicely. That’s basically the only thing they did well in this film, bring a bit of gore to the screen. There is especially one scene with a hook that are a bit gruesome, although it’s hard to get uncomfortable considering how goofy tone the rest of the film has. Speaking of goofy, the theme song would be more appropriate for a teen comedy than a horror film and there are some laughable “comedy” scenes that are funny for all the wrong and unintended reasons. Speaking of “comedy”, the Ralph character was immensely annoying right from the start.

The Mutilator might sound like a cool film and also have a few great posters, but fans of slasher films will already have experience plenty of better efforts than this one. It tries to stick to the script, but ends up being a film lacking any talent behind it. You will know who the killer is right away, the gore scenes might be fun enough, but are far from each other and the goofiness will not be appreciated. Only for completists of 80’s slasher films.




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