Oct 31

Mugsy’s Girls


Year: 1985
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy

aka: Delta Pi

Director: Kevin Brodie
Starring: Ruth Gordon, Laura Branigan, Joanna Dierck, Eddie Deezen, James Marcel


These girls go all the way!


Mugsy’s Girls is a campy and silly 80’s comedy about a group of sorority sisters that is desperate in the need of money to save their sorority house. They team up with Shawn and Lane, two friends who are also out to get some quick money, and head to Las Vegas to enter a mud wrestling competition.

The humour in this movie consists of scenes where a rabbit smokes weed, a guy who has a cucumber tapes to his leg, a guy drinking a cup of urine that he though was beer and most of all it has the girls partying and being carefree in typical 80’s fashion.

The girls are Monica (Laura Branigan), who is kind of the leader of the group, the gorgeous pot smoking Magic (Joanna Dierck), the nerdy Karen (Rebecca Forstadt), the sporty Sharon (Candance Pandolfo) and the goofy Laurie (Kristi Somers) and of course Mugsy (Ruth Gordon), the old woman who is supposed to take care of the sorority girls. Clearly, they all got their cliché personalities but they do work though with perhaps the exception of Monica, which I didn’t find any fun at all even though she is the big star of the movie thanks to her music career. Joanna Dierck was married to the director and you would assume that she would be the worst of the bunch, but she was actually quite good and absolutely fantastic to look at. Too bad she didn’t do more acting than she did, I would have no problem picturing her in some horror b-movies. I should also mention Ruth Gordon who did a great job in Rosemary’s Baby and is an experienced actress. You have to wonder how she ended up doing this one, but it looks like she took it seriously and had fun. It is also interesting how there is none nudity in this film and what a good and strong friendship these young girls have. None of them really get into a big argument with each other and in spite of their different personalities they do show respect for each other.

James Marcel plays Shawn, a small time hustler who tries to find the next way to make money in whatever way possible. Marcel could easily be labeled as a b-movie version of Tom Cruise and he also should probably have done more movies than he did. The actor who plays his nerdy friend Lane whoever is well-known. Eddie Deezen has played nerds all his life and was probably born with glasses and a calculator.

Mugsy’s Girls is a comedy with a lot of flaws and comedy that gets overboard silly, but it still seems to have heart and charm so despite not being a very good movie I still was able to enjoy it for what it is. It is also a typical example of mid 80’s party comedies and you could do a lot worse than grabbing this one.




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  1. Holly

    I thought this was cute. Agree they should have given Monica (Laura Branigan) more to do, and she seems to be missing in many scenes. I wonder if she was fulfilling music commitments during the shoot. All of the acting seems to improve as the movie progresses. Also, I’m not sure why this hasn’t ended up on any movie databases yet, that James Marcel is actually James Wilder.

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