Oct 26

Ms. 45

ms45Genre: Thriller / Drama
Year: 1981
Country: USA

aka: Angel of Vengeance

Director: Abel Ferrara
Starring: Zoe Lund, Bogey, Albert Sinkys, Darlene Stuto, Helen McGara


It’s no longer a man’s world…


Thana is a young mute seamstress that has the worst night possible when she is first raped by a masked attacker. To make things even worse she is attacked again when she enters her own home by another rapist.

Right after the second attack she looses it and gets revenge on the second rapist by bashing his head in with a blunt object. She takes the gun he carried with him and she starts to roam the dirty and sleazy streets of New York looking for other men that deserve to be punished for the way they treat other women.

Ms. 45 is a low budget rape/revenge film with a twist, and that twist is that the creator of this is none other than Abel Ferrara. The independent filmmaker got a minor hit with his previous film, the video nasty Driller Killer and the two make up for quite a good double feature of grim films shot on the streets of New York for next to nothing.

There’s hardly anyone out there that was able to capture the time period of New York the way Ferrara did and with this film he also captured how ruthless it could be to be a young woman walking around there. Ms. 45 is a very interesting entry to the rape/revenge subgenre in how Thana doesn’t only take revenge upon men who has done her wrong, but upon all men that she believes might do wrong towards women. There is also a lot of symbolism in this film that makes it a bit more clever than your average exploitation movie of the time.

The movie is also helped by the great performance by Zoe Tamerlis as Thana. Because her character is mute, she has to give her performance through her expressions and body language. It’s very rough to see what her character goes through at the start of the film and I still kept my sympathy for the poor girl even when she had transformed into a ruthless killer. The rest of the acting aren’t all that, but every character looks very authentic and more like people who actually lived there than hired actors, and I’m sure some even were just that.

Ms. 45 is another movie that is a must-see for those who love films set in the gritty New York streets of the early 80’s. The film captures this period perfectly and it is definitely a product of its time. Perhaps even more interesting than good, Ms. 45 is a film that has some scenes that will be hard to forget. It is not for everyone, but fans of this era should give it a chance.




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