May 26


morlocksGenre: Sci-Fi / Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

aka: Time Machine: Rise of the Morlocks

Director: Matt Codd
Starring: Harnish Clark, Christina Cole, David Hewlett, Daniel Caltagirone, Jim Fyfe


Morlocks is another CGI monster movie from the good people at Syfy. Morlocks is a name first mentioned in as a description of the underground dwellers in H.G. Wells’s classic book The Time Machine. In this movie they are represented by some very bad CGI (as always with Syfy) and apparently are the future cousins of the human race. Guess I’m gonna call my cousins for morlocks in our family gatherings from now on.

The american government has been able to create a time machine, probably after watching Stargate since it looks like a direct ripoff of it. The time machine is controlled by a remote control sort of device that is needed to open up the gate for travelling. Army soldiers are sent into the future to gather information about what lies ahead of us and meets our beloved little morlocks.

The morlocks doesn’t seem to be very friendly and the aftermath of the attack ends with the remote control being lost in future time. The gate now opens randomly since the device has gotten some damage (somebody should probably reboot it) and from time to time the morlocks walk into it to attack the stargate base. This gets very annoying for the army so they send in a rescue squad to find and repair the device.

Joining the squad is the scientist Radnor, talked into it by his ex-wife played by lovely Christina Cole, who was one of the brains behind this project in the beginning before leaving it since he realized that this was not a great idea after all. Of course it’s not an easy task to retrieve the device and there is a lot of battle between the rescue party and all types of creatures.

I’m surprised to say that I found this to be an entertaining movie. Director Matt Codd did a good job considering what he had to work with here and saved it from being a crapfest like so many other Syfy movies end up being. He has mostly worked as a concept artist on movies like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man while his directorial efforts have been smaller movies such as Dragon Dynasty and Super Eruption. He does a good job at keeping the pace running nicely and makes the most out of the badly created creatures.

The cast doesn’t make a lot out of their characters. They are very average and cliché and I doubt we’ll see any of them in bigger movies than the Syfy channel has to offer. I wish they would have tried with some more original characters and storylines to set this apart from other cheap and fast made movies that come out every week. It’s all familiar and done before in some way or another. Yet, it keeps the entertainment factor high enough to warrant a good score for me and it’s high above the average Syfy movie in quality (except the CGI).




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