Dec 03

More Sex Please, We’re British

Genre: Documentary
Year: 2012
Country: England

Director: Jonny Young

Channel 4 goes deep into the sex toy world when it takes a look behind the scenes of one of the biggest online sex toy businesses of Britain. Lovehoney is the company’s name and it’s based in the small city of Bath. The company was started as a small online webstore in 2002 and now has 75 employees, including an own customer service phone line and a warehouse that handles returned items.

We meet the owners, Richard and Neal, who seems to be great businessmen who are dedicated to their work. We meet Annabelle, «the Mother Theresa of sex toys» (online web-tv hostess), Matt the very enthusiastic guy who’s responsible for increasing online sales, we see the writer measuring everything from the sizes of the rubber penises to the depths of the anal on sex dolls to make sure that the descriptions of their products is as accurate as possible. And we also see how the returned items are checked and tested before being thrown away.

We see the owners at a convention in america where they can see the newest and latest in the sex toy industry. They also check out a big warehouse to possibly expand into the american market. We see their challenge with a more high-class store they have in High End Street in London that are not doing well financially. We’re also invited to see the home lives of some of the workers, which is obviously to show that the people in the industry are common, normal people and not the freaks of society.

This is one of the strengths of british documentaries on sexual life of humans. They keep the tone of the documentaries fun and light and don’t try to shock or disturb like a lot of the american docu’s do. They remove the unknown and fear about sex in a good way. I guess it also shows that in their society brits aren’t afraid of sex since the sex-toy market in the UK is worth an estimated £250 million and this company alone ships out 11,000 packages a week.

I guess there’s not that much more you can do with a documentary like this. There isn’t any big secrets to unveil or any shocking moments that you can display. It’s simply a peek into the lives of regular people who is going to a job they enjoy and making a living. If you’re interested in seeing how a company like this operates then I guess this is for you.




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