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mayaGenre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: Italy

Director: Marcello Avallone
Starring: Peter Phelps, Mariella Valentini, Erich Wildpret, Cyrus Elias, Mariangelica Ayala


Dr. Salonon Slivak mysteriously dies while researching a Mayan pyramid down in Venezuela. His daughter Lisa travels to the city to investigate his death and finds herself in danger of an evil Mayan king named Ze Bul Bai.

Maya is a very incoherent Italian horror film from the late 80’s, and while I know that many die-hard horror fans won’t think that coherence is to be expected from Italian filmmakers in the 80’s, this one is still more awful in that department than most other outputs by the great Italians. I have to admit I had trouble trying to even write a story summarization of this film since it was hard to sit through and give it 100% of my attention and even still figure out what it was really all about.

There are several love scenes and some decent nudity, not much gore or violence and it’s honestly just very, very dull and confusing. I’m sure the dubbing didn’t help much, as it rarely does on Italian films, but blaming that for the problems of this film would be too simple. The narration just sucks and the look of the film would actually make you think it was made ten years earlier. I guess it does have a decent setting for a horror film, but nothing whatsoever is used correctly when trying to tell the story.

None of the characters are interesting and I could hardly tell you anything about them, sorry. Marcello Avallone is the guy responsible for this dreadful film. He both co-wrote and directed the film without showing any skill in either of the fields. He also did another horror film called Specters two years before this one and even though I have that somewhere and have been looking forward to see it, it is definitely being bumped back a little after experiencing Maya.

Maya is a terrible film and even fans of Italian horror will probably want to pass up on this one. I don’t have anything decent to say about it except that it had a few scenes with nudity, other than that it is utterly crappy.




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