Nov 09

Mardi Gras Massacre

mardigrasmassacreGenre: Horror
Year: 1978
Country: USA

Director: Jack Weis
Starring: Curt Dawson, Gwen Arment, William Metzo, Laura Misch Owens, Cathryn Lacey


Nobody hears her scream


An older guy goes into stripclubs/whorehouses in New Orleans and seeks out the most evil prostitute he can find, takes her back home, gets her naked on a table and oils her naked body in and then sacrifices her to his Aztec god.

Now that doesn’t sound too shabby? Well… sorry to say, Mardi Gras Massacre is a terrible, terrible movie. The only addition to that plot is a love story between one of the prostitutes and a cop named Frank. They even have a dating montage, hoorah!

William Metzo plays the maniac and he is the best actor in the movie (not meant as a compliment). The way he says «eeeeeee-vil» is amusing and there could be a great drinking game made out of that. Wish I had thought about that before seeing it as this is a film that can only be tolerable with a lot of alchohol available. One of the girls that he takes home doesn’t seem to be quite so eeeeee-vil as he had wanted and he is confused on what to do for a moment before deciding that a half-eeeeeeeeeeeee-vil sacrifice is better than no sacrifice at all. Fun guy.

The film is directed and written by Jack Weis, who did a couple of movies in the 70’s that I and most other horror fans will never heard about. I have no idea what he was trying to do with Mardi Gras Massacre, the only possible explanation would be that he was a big fan of H.G. Lewis films and was going for a low rate Blood Feast movie. I guess it slightly works as a sort of tribute to those films, but that doesn’t make it any better to sit through.

Every type of scene has their own score. A lot of the movie is set in the bars where the maniac seeks these eeeeevil prostitutes and it’s got a dreadful disco song that will make any sane person into a demented, unstable serial killer. If that sound doesn’t leave my brain forever in the next few hours then I will not survive long enough to post this review. If a soundtrack was released then I am sure it is much more frightening than the movie.

Mardi Gras Massacre is one of the infamous Video Nasties. It has a lot of nudity, plenty of gore which I guess is the reason why it became banned and a Video Nasty, but the only reason why this should be kept from being watched is that it’s such a stinker. Terrible on all grounds, only highlights is a great title and the pronouncing of EEEEEEEEEEEEEE-VIL.




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