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Lust For Freedom

lustforfreedomGenre: Drama / Crime
Year: 1987
Country: USA

Director: Eric Louzil
Starring: Melanie Coll, William J. Kulzer, Judi Trevor, Howard Knight, Elizabeth Carlisle


Bras & brawls behind prison walls!


Gillian Kaites used to be a cop, but after her boyfriend got shot and killed during a faulty police mission she gave up her profession. While driving away from the big city, she picks up a crying female hitchhiker who begs her to drive away fast.

However, Gillian waits on the sheriff that comes right behind them and the hitchhiker starts to run away in the desert. The sheriff wants Gillian to come into town to take her statement, and she agrees. It is not a statement that the sheriff wants though, when she comes into town she gets drugged and thrown in a women’s prison where girls are exploited, sold and even murdered.

Lust for Freedom is another obscure film that Troma decided to pick up. It is a poor women-in-prison film with less action, violence and nudity than the best of them. I’m sure no one would have known about this film if Troma didn’t decide to take it up from obscurity and distribute it to their fans.

I’ve seen a lot of films like this with stupid plots, but the execution of the prison scam here is awful, even by WIP standards. It’s cheesy and exploitative, but it never gets fun to watch and you’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes glued to the screen while it is playing. The violence is mostly tame, even though there is a whipping scene and even a snuff film being filmed. It could have been done a lot rougher to add the shock value of the film. There is one rape scene that does come close to being uncomfortable to watch, but it ends too quickly.

The main character Gillian is dull as hell. The actress Melanie Coll is pretty to look at, but the character gives us nothing. The acting is also so poor that it makes you wonder how bad the other actresses that audition for the part was, if they even had an audition. I would rather have prefered to see Crystal Breeze (credited here as Lisa Stagno) in the leading part instead of her supporting one. She looks so cute and innocent here that she would have been a much better protagonist. Also look out for Michelle Bauer in one of the smaller parts aswell.

The director, and one of three screenwriters credited for this story, Eric Louzil debuted with this film. Lloyd Kaufman and co. must have seen something in him since he did get the job to direct the sequels to Class of Nuke ‘Em High. I don’t see anything in this film that would make anyone want to choose him over other directors, but perhaps his other films was better.

While I’m negative about it, there are also some good parts about the film. The soundtrack is awesome. The 80’s rock band Grim Reaper did two songs, “Lust for Freedom” and “Rock You to Hell”. They are awesome and should have been used in a must better 80’s film than this. I also did like John Tallman as the sleazy indian guard Jud. He looks evil and played his part very well.

Lust for Freedom is a boring attempt at making a late 80’s women in prison film. There is nothing here that haven’t been done better before and I can’t see this being interesting for anyone else except hardcore WIP fans.




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