Mar 24

Lovely Molly

lovelymollyGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Eduardo Sanchez
Starring: Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Gretchen Lodge, Lauren Lakis, Todd Ryan Jones


Molly and Tim are moving into the house that Molly and her family grew up in. Molly and her sister Hannah had some disturbing experiences happening there in their childhood, which has greatly affected them both during their adult lives.

Shortly after they move in, strange occurrences starts to happen at night. The alarm starts to go off and Molly keeps hearing disturbing noises. Tim has to go away for a few days, leaving Molly all alone and while she is going around to discover stuff from her childhood she starts to remember what happened when she was young and soon she starts to lose her mind.

Lovely Molly can be called a psychological horror movie if you will. It deals mostly with Molly and her trying to keep her sanity during the events that occurs. The viewer is left with guessing if it is all going on in her mind or if the stuff that is happening is indeed real. There can be discussions for both sides on that since it is balanced out well during the film.

While I like the idea and think that the horror that our minds can give us is a topic that is underrepresented in horror films, I could not keep myself interesting in Lovely Molly. Boring is not a word I like to use when it comes to describing movies, but I have no other choice than to call this a very boring movie.

This is a project that is written, edited and directed by Eduardo Sanchez who co-directed The Blair Witch Project. He has done a few more movies since that one without making a mark with any of them. The only post-Blair Witch films I have seen from him is Altered from 2006, which was mediocre. He tries to do a lot with this film and is not able to bring it all together and create tension. The film also looks very ugly with the inside of the house looking unliveable and crappy.

The star of the film is Gretchen Lodge who stars as Molly. She had only done one small movie prior to this and I must say that she was impressive. Her role is very demanding and I think she should be applauded for her performance cause it is really strong. Johnny Lewis plays her husband Tim. Lewis is mostly known for his part as “Half Sack” in the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy. He did not impress me in this movie and gave a rather bland performance. The same can be said about Alexandra Holden as Molly’s sister Hannah.

In the beginning of the film we get several scenes with the point of view perspective when Molly is holding a video camera in the house. After a bit, that type of filming is just abandoned and I don’t really think it was needed to use at all in this film. I prefer that they either would go 100% for handheld or just keep it traditional. The only film that have been able to switch up between those styles for me is Rec 3: Genesis and that is because it actually tells the viewer that the handheld filming will end before it switches to regular filming.

It is too bad that they weren’t able to do more with this story, cause I really think they had something interesting here but failed in the execution. Those who enjoy character studies might find this enjoyable and even moving, but the general audience will most likely not invest their time in focusing on what is going on in the film. If the film hadn’t looked so ugly, then it might have held my interest during the nearly 100 minutes, but honestly I did not care much for the film. Gretchen Lodge saves it from being a completely waste of time and I hope this performance will bring her more work in the future.




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