Jan 23

Love to Kill

LoveToKill+1993-1-bGenre: Horror
Year: 1993
Country: Hong Kong

original title: Yeuk Ji Luen

Director: Siu-Hung Chung, Kirk Wong
Starring: Anthony Wong, Elizabeth Lee, Eric Kei, Danny Lee, Julie Lee


Sam is a sadistic and manipulative man. He is married to the sweet and shy Jade, who he treats like shit. He enjoys humiliating her in every way possible and he even rapes her when he feels like it. One night, after he has raped her and abused her with a beer bottle, she takes off and runs into the streets in the pouring rain. Sam follows after her, but is stopped by the cop Hung.

Jade does not press charges against Sam and refuses to cooperate with the police, so he is let go. Hung takes a liking to Jade and when their paths cross again, he invites her to stay with him so she can get away from Sam. Sam does not accept that his wife has left him and does everything he can to seek her out and take revenge.

Love to Kill is an unknown so-called CAT3 movie from probably the best period of these type of films in the early 90’s. CAT3 is the highest grade you can get for films in Hong Kong and it equals the NC-17 or X ratings in the states. The most popular films have certain traits that has made these known as an own subgenre. Most films are rooted in reality, they usually deal with the viciousness of evil individuals, usually have rape scenes and torture of women.

This film is not a very known one and I don’t think that I have ever heard of this one before I popped it in today. The film starts off very nasty with Sam abusing Jade, but it loosens up in the middle part where she has moved into Hung’s apartment where the usual Hong Kong goofy humour takes the forefront before Sam gets into full torture mode again.

Sam is one sadistic fuck, and who better to play him than Anthony Wong. Wong was the evil character in some of the most memorable early 90’s category III films like Ebola Syndrome and The Untold Story. He is such a piece of shit in all of these films that I’m always shocked when I see him in a more mainstream type of movie these days. I do wish he could do another demented role again after all these years.

Elizabeth Lee stars as Jade. She comes off as a typical devoted housewife, but I wish we got some more heartfelt scenes with her so we could care much about the character. Danny Lee portrays the cop Hung (not the other way around) and he looks like a guy who was born to play a Hong Kong cop, which he also did in several other films.

This is co-directed by Siu-Hung Chung and Kirk Wong. I’m not sure if one of them left the production or why both are credited with the film, since both are experienced directors and are capable of delivering something like this on their own. The shots inside Sam and Jade’s apartment are very well set up and they do capture a very nasty mood that serves the content well. It is also interesting that the music score sounded like something from an italian horror film. It did sound familiar, so I don’t know if they just took it from another film or if it was created by Kai-Sang Chow.

Love to Kill deals with domestic violence, but never takes the subject that seriously. It is an exploitation film and nothing more. It does get nasty, but it does not compare to the more violent ones from the same time period. I’d say that this will be enjoyable for those who enjoy these early 90’s Hong Kong CAT3 movies, for others I would rather recommend something else.




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