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lolliloveGenre: Comedy
Year: 2004
Country: USA

Director: Jenna Fischer
Starring: James Gunn, Jenna Fischer, Peter Alton, Sarah Sido, Linda Cardellini


Saving the world, one sucker at a time


Jenna and James is a young Hollywood couple that have done well in their lives so far. Doing charity is a good way for young celebrities to get even more famous and show off what good people they are, so they come up with the idea of LolliLove.

LolliLove is a charity that is supposed to improve the motivations of homeless people to start a new life. Since all of this is documented from the start of the charity to the finish, we get to see how much a simple sweet treat can change the world… at least from the perspective of the giver.

LolliLove is a lower than low budget mockumentary satire that was made for a few thousand dollars. It is quite a ballsy subject to criticise when the couple themselves live in Hollywood and are a part of the movie industry.

James Gunn and Jenna Fischer uses their own relationship for the basis of the film and even includes home footage of their wedding in it. They play this so real and superb that it becomes completely believable that this couple is a self-centered and delusional pair of idiots. They are so sheltered from the real world that they actually believe that what they are doing will change people’s lives. Of course they are mostly interested in what this charity will do for their own lives.

The comedy is on point here and it is very funny at first. It does feel like it stretches the material a bit however and even if it only last 64 minutes, it feels like it would have been better if it was a bit shorter. It’s not comedy for the average audience, but it is dark and critical humour which works fine with me.

Surprisingly to me, this is directed by Jenna and not James. Jenna is famous for her role in the US version of The Office, which I have never seen, so I was not familiar with her before seeing this film. I assumed, since this was distributed by James Gunn and considering the subject matter that it would be a project created by James alone. Of course since they are a couple, I’m sure there was a lot of collaboration in every part of it.

LolliLove is a funny satiric look at celebrities and their charity work. It’s quite brave for the couple to use their real life as the basis for the film, but they pull it off very well. It has a lot of heart and even though it does feel stretched at times, it is definitely a mockumentary worth seeing.




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