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The Last Temptation in Thailand

lasttemptationofthailandGenre: Documentary
Year: 2007
Country: USA / Thailand

Director: Gary Schmad
Starring: Gary Schmad


Gary Schmad is a philosophical (at least he likes to think so) and meditating white guy, dressed as the average tourist who travels to Thailand to see the sex industry in action. Gary Schmad is the maker of documentaries such as The Road to Bangkok, Road to Phuket, Sex on the Border and Fun with Girls.

In this feature he meets up with a lot of the «bar girls» in different cities in Thailand, takes them to his hotel and films some small talk while they usually strip down.

One of the girls we meet is a «Go Go Dancer» (stripper) named Apple who gives a story about how she helps out her father (he no have money, you kno?) and does some stripdancing for the camera. She also doesn’t like to have sex for too long and I quote: «Sometimes. No fuck long time. I horney». She also prefers older men since they have good money (the filmmaker is perhaps in his 40’s, what a coincidence!).

Gary then gives a speech about how it’s not really any difference in paying a woman directly for sex instead of doing it indirectly through dinners and dates. He also talks about the problem of trying to take a girl out of the bar but not being able to take the bar out of the girl (basically you can’t make a ho into a housewife as Snoop Dogg would say). We get information about how much these ladies charge (25 US dollars for small time, which is a few hours or 100 US dollars for an entire night if you must know).

Another day he decides to, not only take one, but pay for two young ladies named Ann & Pair (also «go go dancers»). When asked what type of guys they like they of course reply with foreigners. Why? Because of «big size». They then proceed to reply to more questions about the future while we see them dancing on each other. These also prefer old guys over young guys, preferably the age of the guy who is making the documentary. After they are done… interviewing one of them have to go to meet up with her twin and this is too much to resist for camera guy so now he has all three women for the entire night. We then see all three ladies getting undressed and simulating sex towards the camera with shitty techno music playing on top of this. The next night he took only one of the twins out for dinner. Apparently this guy is also vegetarian.

We then go on a train trip to some other place while the guy stares out on the nature and philosophize some more about the buddhism thoughts and his journey. He meets up with his friend who had traveled through Thailand and also found himself a wife, also named Apple, who he fell in love with. They tell their story about how they met each other.

He travels further north to Chaingrai, a small village where he actually does see something else in Thailand than buttholes and boobs. According to him, the life on the farms is simpler and easier since it’s more «clearer». This is told while we see farm workers going at for probably the 12th hour of that day…

After some days out on the countryside he goes back to the big city, this time Pattaya, where sin is once again surrounding him. He takes Tak, a young girl from the countryside who usually works in a hair salon, back to his hotel and interviews her about her life. She’s in the city because «she like sexy foreign mann». She love you long time (her words) for 25 dollars or short time (a couple of hours according to this guy) for 13 dollars.

Last, we also get to know a Marc Horn (probably fake name) who lives in Thailand and runs several sex tour type of businesses there. They chitchat about how free the ladies are in Thailand and how fun it’s also for them to the prostitutes. In Thailand, everyone is a «rock star».

Yeah, this is a real documentary or rather a commercial for sex buyers to go to Thailand. The guy is a big douche and he’s obviously NOT this stupid to believe his own words. And if he is, then he’s just delusional. I will go with douchebag.

Regardless of how the guy is, the documentary does give an insight in one of the biggest tourist attractions of Thailand – the prostitute scene. And it also gives pointers if you wish to do this type of activities I guess. If he had some brains he should perhaps also mention some of the dangers, such as the chances of getting STD’s and also being drugged and robbed, but no, this is just an innocent and healthy activity for the guy. It’s too bad that he couldn’t get his head out of his own butt and make a decent documentary about this topic that shows all sides of the industry instead of glorifying it like he did.

It should be renamed into «Travel diaries of an american sex buyer in Thailand» and I’m rating this on entertainment value only. I find what the guy does is sickening but even so, the feature isn’t boring and it is interesting if you can just ignore everything that the douchebag says and does deserve an ok score for that. However I would never recommend anyone to use money on this, yoi know what the money will support if you do.




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