Oct 11

The Last Horror Film

lasthorrorfilmGenre: Horror
Year: 1982
Country: USA

aka: Fanatic, Fanatical Extreme, Love to Kill

Director: David Winters
Starring: Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro, Glenn Jacobson, David Winters, Devin Goldenberg


Babes are dying to be in his movie!


Vinny Durand is a lonely, obsessed movie fan who has taken a liking to a famous movie star named Jane Bates. He is sure that if he gets a few minutes alone with her that he will be able to convince her to star in a movie that he has made up in his mind.

Vinny saves up enough money from his job as a taxi driver to go to the Cannes festival where Jane is up for the award of best actress. He starts to stalk Jane and her associates, but when he gets rejected and his dreams crushed, he starts to lose it….

After enjoying their work together on Maniac and Starcrash, Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro decided to put together another horror film fast and cheap. It’s easy to see that this is a film that was put together very fast as the story can basically be told in thirty minutes and they use way too much time showing off shots of Cannes and quick flashbacks to stuff that we have already seen in this film.

Most of the time is spent on the maniac of the film, Vinny, played by Joe Spinell. I like Spinell a lot and Maniac is a favorite of mine, but I didn’t think he did that great here. Vinny comes off as a very wimpy and whiny guy, much less intimidating than Spinell’s character Frank Zito of Maniac. Spinell is very uneven, in some scenes he is brilliant and in others it looks like they could have used some more takes to get it right.

Caroline Munro is, as always, gorgeous to look at. Here she has an awful skunk looking hairdo, but she still manages to look fantastic. She also has good enough acting chops to make a great scream queen and it’s too bad that she didn’t star in more good horror films back in the day (not to speak down on the ones that she did).

There is some attempts at making this fun with some bad comedy relief choices, including a terrible and bizarre end scene. It’s obviously a project that the ones involved didn’t take very serious, but it ends up feeling like a bit of a missed opportunity since a creepy fanatical stalker movie with Spinell and Munro sounds like something I would love to see (and something I expected to see when I pressed play on this). It should also be said that there is a few unintentional comedy scenes due to the disco period this is made in. The outfits some of the people are wearing here are absolutely hilarious to look at.

The director of the film is David Winters, a guy who might be most famous for directing Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare in 1975. He also has plenty of music video-ish scenes here to stretch out time and there is some nice surreal shots to be found. He can look back at making a film that is neither great or bad. Fans of Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro will need to seek this out, just don’t expect another Maniac. The Last Horror Film is a worthwhile watch, but nothing more than that.




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