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Lady Dragon

ladydragonGenre: Action
Year: 1992
Country: Indonesia

aka: Lady Kickboxer

Director: David Worth
Starring: Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Robert Ginty, Bella Esperance, Hengky Tornando


She fights fire with fire


Kathy Gallagher is a former CIA agent who are trying to bring down the arms dealer Ludwig Hauptman, who has recently also killed Kathy’s husband. She is making a living in Indonesia by fighting on the underground circuit while trying to track him down. When she gets close enough to him, he beats her, brutally rapes her and his thugs dumps her on the side of a muddy road.

She is saved by a local old, mute man and his grandson and they let her stay at their place to recover. She becomes very close to them while training herself back into shape and when she is all recovered she goes after Ludwig again, and this time she cannot be stopped.

Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton is a match made in kung fu heaven. They make a great tag team when they are both good guys and they work equally great together when Norton is a bad guy. This one has a lot in common with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Kickboxer, with a lot of recovery training in a small village.

While that sounds like an enjoyable film, the problem here is actually that they made the plot the first priority, leaving little time for action scenes and the few sequences we got wasn’t very good choreographed and entertaining. It also feels like a movie that is running too long, but I guess the blame for that goes on the lack of exciting scenes instead of the length of the movie.

David Worth is the director behind this and he has done a lot of different stuff from horror such as Poor Pretty Eddie, other martial arts movies such as Kickboxer and a sequel to Lady Dragon and even worked as a cinematographer on Shark Attack 3 and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys. He fails to create fun and great action with this one and he seems to be a hit or miss director.

Lady Dragon is a decent movie, but fails to live up to the expectations that you would get when you pop in a movie with both Rothrock and Norton. It sadly lacks in the action department and perhaps the best part is the end credits rock song which could have been used better throughout the movie.




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