Dec 21

Karate Wars

KARATE-WARSGenre: Action
Year: 1989
Country: USA

aka: Bloodfight 3

Director: David Huey
Starring: Christopher Wolf, Richard Rabago, Gerald Okamura, Elsie Jay, Tad Mathes


A fight in the ring becomes a war in the streets


Jason is an aspiring karate student who is being taught by the karate master Oyama. He is frustrated by his masters lack of focus and that he does not push his students to the max. Jason starts to get into trouble on the streets and eventually ends up in jail. Oyama finally starts to get motivated to train his students again and they make a goal to enter the Karate Wars tournament where they will be able to win a big amount of money.

The lessons start to get better and Jason is starting to stay out of trouble more, but now the rivaling karate class is starting to take notice and when the tournament gets cancelled they end up settling their differences out in the streets, this time for honour instead of money.

Now that’s not the worst plot in the world for martial arts movies. What this setup needs is good fighting, a likeable hero and some mean villains. This movie has none of those things. The fighting is really bad, the characters are too cliché and the actors and director does a lousy job. The dialogue is extremely embarrassing and I don’t know what director/writer David Huey, apparently he is the executive producer of another crapola called 666: The Demon Child, so he is now on my avoidable list for the future, was thinking when he made this.

If I were Jason or any of the other students, I would simply just find another master to get taught by. The so-called emotional scenes are just embarrassing and they will make you into a better karate students then these kids are since you will keep hitting the wall while watching this. The karate lessons take place in front of a white wall that we see for 50% of the movie. There is no effort to try to make the scenes look good or even an attempt to make the place look like a karate studio. The end scene is shot in a gymnasium, probably at the local high school.

The only good part of this movie is that it has an ending. By all means, skip Karate Wars.




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