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Jason X

POSTER - JASON XGenre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Year: 2001
Country: USA

aka: Jason X: Friday the 13th

Director: James Isaac
Starring: Kane Hodder, Jeff Geddis, Lexa Doig, David Cronenberg, Markus Parilo


Evil gets an upgrade


Jason Vorhees has been captured by the government and Dr. Wimmer is hoping to study the killer to find out how he is able to regenerate damaged tissue. Dr. Rowan however has a huge respect for the killer and wants him destroyed or locked away so he will be unable to kill any more people. It doesn’t take long before Jason is able to cause some havoc in the facility and the entire place gets frozen.

It takes 400 years til a group of space explorers finds the facility and brings Dr. Rowan back to life while they also examine Jason, assuming he is long dead by now. Jason starts to wake up and now the entire crew on the spaceship is in great danger.

Jason in space! Who would ever have thought that this would happen after seeing the original Friday the 13th back in 1980? The project started while Freddy vs. Jason had been worked on for several years without getting close to start filming.

The good part about it is that the filmmakers had fun with the premise and also didn’t take themselves too serious. It is a lot like Jason Lives in that perspective, trading out any attempt at creating tension for pure fun. It tops itself when Jason gets turned into Über-Jason and they couldn’t possibly have made this any more cartoony than that.

The characters aren’t annoying this time around, but there aren’t any memorable ones either. Lexa Doig plays a very young Dr. in Rowan and she is gorgeous and nice to look at. Kane Hodder is back in his last performance as Jason and there is also a quick cameo by David Cronenberg as Dr. Wimmer in the beginning.

The director this time actually has some experience. James Isaac did The Horror Show (also known as House 3) ten years before this. He has also had different work assignments on a few Cronenberg movies and is probably responsible for getting him to do the cameo. It’s hard to judge a director on a project like this, but it came out entertaining so I guess that is positive. The visuals are quite nice aswell and it doesn’t look cheesy like a lot of b-movies set in space tend to do.

Jason X is the final film of the original Friday the 13th saga if you look past the Freddy Vs. Jason film. It’s a decent film for fans of the series, it never gets boring and it does deliver some fun kills by Jason. It’s an alright film to see once or twice for fans of Jason Vorhees.



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