Jul 14

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Friday the 13th IX: Jason Goes To Hell – The Final Friday, Friday the 13th: Anniversary of Jason, Jason Goes to Hell

Director: Adam Marcus
Starring: John D. LeMay, Kari Keegan, Kane Hodder, Steven Williams, Steven Culp


The creator of the first returns to bring you the last


Jason Vorhees is back at his old grounds on Camp Crystal Lake and the FBI has set up a trap to finally get an end to the massacre he has created over the years. They blow him to pieces and gathers the remains and calls it a day.

Bounty hunter Creighton Duke however is absolutely sure that Jason is not done and that he doesn’t need his old body to continue slaughtering innocent people. He knows that Jason is going after a woman named Jessica who share the same bloodline as Jason and is the only one who can kill him off for good.

The early 90’s sure did what it could to kill off horror movies and especially horror franchises. First we had Freddy’s Dead – The Final Nightmare is not terrible, but it’s certainly not up to the same standard as the previous Freddy Krueger films and the less said about Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers the better. So here Jason went through the 90’s treatment and the result was Jason Goes to Hell.

I know it is something that has been brought up in nearly every review of this film, but you can’t deny that the story here is highly influenced / a rip-off of The Hidden that came and went a few years before this. I love The Hidden and saw it countless time when I was a kid so the disappointment of seeing this Jason entry was huge. Yeah, I know that Jason has been through a lot by now and there was a need to do something new and refreshing, but that’s no excuse for letting this crap get greenlight. And the whole relative of Jason thing didn’t make much sense to me, if he knew about it (how would he?) then he would probably go after them a few sequels ago.

Looking past the shitty premise we get a bunch of characters that neither are very likeable and a final girl who first shows up half-way through the film. The only one that is fun to watch here, including a beat up meatball looking Jason Vorhees when he first shows up in his own body is Steven Williams as Duke. Yeah, he might be a little over the top here but at least he is fun. How we figured out what Jason really is however is beyond me.

There is a little more blood and guts in this than in the previous two films and the ending with the Freddy glove coming up from the ground to grab Jason’s mask started the anticipation for Freddy vs. Jason amongst horror fans, a movie that wouldn’t be made until ten years down the line. There is also a book of the dead from Evil Dead to spot in one of the scenes, which I guess is responsible for starting the idea of putting Ash into a movie with the two slasher icons from the 80’s.

This was directed by Adam Marcus, another guy who got the chance to direct his first film thanks to this franchise. I still don’t understand how that works, but oh well. The directing isn’t the worst part about this film and I don’t think anyone could make this story into a good movie.

Jason Goes to Hell would put Jason to rest for nearly ten years. While there has been other films in this series by now that aren’t exactly cinematic masterpieces, I believe this is the worst one by far. If you want to see a fun film about an entity switching bodies then see The Hidden instead. If you want to see a slasher film with Jason then there is plenty of others to choose from instead.




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