Mar 23

I Got The Hook Up

igotthehookupGenre: Comedy
Year: 1998
Country: USA

Director: Michael Martin
Starring: Master P, Anthony Johnson, Gretchen Palmer, Frantz Turner, Richard Keats


A truckload of cell phones… turns into a boatload of cash!


Black and Blue are two street hustlers who are running a street store where they sell used merchandize. One day a delivery man with several big boxes filled with cell phones arrive, thinking that these are supposed to be delivered to Black. Black takes full advantage of this opportunity and with the help from one of his girlfriends he is able to get the phones working and sell them for a good profit.

The phones don’t work very long and after a while they are getting hunted by everyone from unsatisfied customers, the Feds and even a local crime boss who lost a huge amount of money when one of his phone calls somehow interfered with the local radio station and everyone could hear where he had stashed away a big amount of money.

After the poor effort with I’m Bout It, Master P is back again with a new comedy. The budget seems to have been upped this time and he left the job of directing to Michael Martin, which was a good choice. I Got The Hook Up is a much better film, although it is also not flawless by any means. It is very incoherent and a lot of the humour doesn’t work very well. The biggest problem is in the screenplay written by Master P himself. I think he should have chosen to have someone else write the screenplay, especially considering how busy he was at that time in his career with No Limit Records rising and making a huge mark in the music industry.

The director Michael Martin had been working as a music video director before doing this one. He did make the movie look professional but showed little else to suggest a future in the movie industry, something which he didn’t seem to achieve after this one anyway. Master P does ok as an actor, his character Black is a strong neighborhood leader who is trying to better his life. Blue is played by A.J. Johnson (Friday, Hot Boyz) and he can be funny at times. He is perfect for the role as the comedic sidekick really and on a better movie production he might have been able to show off more of his talent. There are also some cameo’s by other rappers including Mia X, C-Murder, Mystikal, Big Ed, Ice Cube, Fiend and Snoop Dogg.

I Got The Hook Up is a movie for fans of No Limit Records and Master P. Since I do enjoy their output I did find stuff that I like in this film and it kept me entertained. I do not think this would be a good comedy for the general audience however and can safely say that most people will find this to be a bad movie. If you are interested in the films of Master P and the crew then I would rather suggest finding Hot Boyz which is a much better movie.




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