Sep 27

Humanoids from the Deep


Genre: Horror
Year: 1980
Country: USA

aka: Monster

Director: Barbara Peeters
Starring: Doug McClure, Ann Turkel, Vic Morrow, Cindy Weintraub, Anthony Pena


Between life and death, there is… Humanoids from the Deep


Something is very wrong in the fishing village of Noyo. Unknown entities are terrorizing the small community by attacking the fishermen and raping the females that go to the beach to just have a good time.

Jim Hill and Dr. Susan Clarke is trying to figure out what is happening in their town and find out that a big company named Canco has a laboratory nearby and is currently testing out experimental growth hormone on the local fish. They have to find a way to stop all of this before the big annual carnival, if they fail the entire Noyo community might be raped and murdered.

Humanoids from the Deep is a weird film. A movie about mutant humanoids that go around killing and impregnating women? What was Roger Corman thinking when he greenlighted this? It’s a strange exploitation film, but sadly the strangeness of it doesn’t help it to become enjoyable enough. Originally, Joe Dante was supposed to direct this, but I could hardly see him handle a film that relies that much on rape as this one does.

Considering the concept, you would assume that this film would be filled with humour but there’s nothing funny in it at all. It’s played out straight and it is narrated very poorly. Everything about the film is very crude and feels like it was put together quite fast, except the rubber suits which are done well enough for the film and stands out as one of the more positives.

The other stuff that does work for the film is the very 50’s feel to it and the cast, which does a surprisingly good job while having very little to actually work with. Doug McClure is the hero and he is always entertaining to watch. The same can also be said about Vic Morrow who shows up to play Hank Slattery, the bad guy who supports the evil big company.

Humanoids from the Deep is a poor film, but it does have enough sleazy mutant rape, cheap gore and nudity to make it a decent watch. It has however very little of anything else to offer the viewer and I found it to be a bit dull. Some might enjoy it’s silliness, but for me I would have prefered to watch something else instead.




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