Apr 12

The Howling: New Moon Rising

howling7Genre: Horror
Year: 1995
Country: USA

aka: Howling VII, Howling VII: Mystery Woman

Director: Clive Turner
Starring: John Ramsden, Ernest Kester, Clive Turner, Jack Huff, Elizabeth She


Somewhere out there a new terror is breeding


Howling 7 is set in a hillbilly town where everyone enjoy themselves at a local bar that plays country music while the good folks do some line dancing. A long-haired Aussie character named Ted shows up one day looking for work and it doesn’t take long before he is hired by the owner of this bar. Shortly after this friendly and kind australian guy has arrived, people start to turn up murdered. A priest and detective are trying to connect the dots of previous murders and the detective believes the cause of all this comes from werewolf activities.

New Moon Rising is the nail in the coffin for the Howling series. Even with all the crappy sequels that have been before this, this one has to be the final end of it. The movie is extremely low budget and utilizes flashbacks from the previous sequels to fill in the story. There’s a lot of scenes with country singing and stupid fart jokes and the entire thing is painful to sit through.

This atrocity is created by Clive Turner, who acted as a director, writer, producer, editor and main character Ted in the movie. He seems more interested in showing off all the fun this little country town has to offer instead of making a werewolf movie. Except being involved with the fourth and fifth Howling movies he has also been an executive producer on both Lawnmover Man movies. The rest of the actors just seems to be real life people from this place, acting like themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the budget came from this little town as a marketing ploy to get tourists there or something.

It also sports perhaps the worst werewolf transformation scene ever done. It simply sucks on all levels and without the Howling name attacked to it, no one would ever see it and that would perhaps just be for the better. This might just be the worst werewolf movie ever and it is surely high on the list of the all-time worst films ever created aswell.




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