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Howling VI: The Freaks

howling6Genre: Horror
Year: 1991
Country: USA

aka: Howling 6, Final Attack

Director: Hope Perello
Starring: Brendan Hughes, Michele Matheson, Sean Sullivan, Antonio Fargas, Carol Lynley


Ian is a drifter that ends up in a dead town in the southern parts of California. He is hired to as a handyman by a local preacher and is able to stay with him and his daughter Elizabeth while working there. Ian and Elizabeth starts to develop a loving relationship, but Ian is keeping his distance since he has a big secret about who he really is.

A traveling circus named World of Wonder arrives shortly after to the town and sets up shop. The owner of the carnival, Harker finds an interest in Ian’s secret and is able to capture him and add him to his freakshow. Ian does get free and at the end Ian and Harker has a final showdown, which is not between two humans but between a vampire and a werewolf.

I’m not sure why but The Howling series never died. The first one did well and is very good, but all of the sequels have to some extent had problems with the final product and they didn’t really do that well either. This story in this one seems to have been created away from the Howling series and then someone figured it was possible to make it if they put the Howling title onto it.

This is actually not a terrible film. Putting a vampire against a werewolf might not be a new concept, but it was put together nicely and did work well here. You don’t really feel the power of the werewolf though and he does look more like a black metal frontman gone wrong than a werewolf. The vampire is cooler without the makeup than with it. There is also very little werewolf action in this film period, which makes the Howling name seem out of place.

He is played by Bruce Payne, who is more famous from Passenger 57 that stars Wesley Snipes. He is very good in this film and makes for a good and intense villain. I am not surprised to see him still active in the movie industry to this day and he is the best part of this film. Brendan Hughes plays our hero Ian and he looks the part but isn’t really a very good actor. With him is Michele Matheson as his love interest Elizabeth. She is cute, but sound and look more Hollywood than a preacher daughter from southern California.

Hope Perello is the director of the film and she seemed to come from Charles Band Full Moon Production company and that is something that shows with this film. It has the same type of safe and fun atmosphere that most of the Full Moon movies has, although it does get a little bloodier at times. The film does show her inexperience and could have been put together more tightly. It also does run too far with a length of nearly 100 minutes and could easily have been cut down 10-15 minutes without hurting the story.

Howling 6: The Freaks is a decent early 90’s horror film with little blood and gore. It’s one of the more entertaining Howling sequels and a decent watch.




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