Apr 10

Howling V: The Rebirth

howling5Genre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

aka: Howling V

Director: Neal Sundström
Starring: Philip Davis, Victoria Catlin, Elizabeth She, Ben Cole, William Stockley


The beast returns!


A mass suicide occurs to end a long running family curse at a big castle in Budapest in the year 1489. One baby however stays alive, meaning the curse also lives on. Fast forward to present time… err 1989 and a group of people are invited to the grand re-opening of the castle (I didn’t catch exactly what type of opening it was).

The group consists of people from all walks of life, professors, actresses, tennis player and so on. Count Istvan is their guide and gives them a brief history of the castle. After that, everyone runs around in the castle for 90 minutes while they get killed off by a werewolf one by one.

This is the fifth movie in the Howling series and it doesn’t have anything to do with the previous ones, which isn’t something new to this series by now. I cannot stop to wonder who greenlighted a movie that are more mystery “whodunit” movie with… werewolves. Why didn’t anyone say that this is NOT a good idea? Even if one single person thought it seemed good, then there has to be others that disagree, right? I don’t expect movie producers to have much respect for the fifth entry in a series that only had a good original movie, followed up by less successful sequels, but if you want to cash in on a werewolf movie then why do it this way? Why?

The film makers just couldn’t get anything right here, I give credit to pure luck that they got a good location in Hungary to shoot this. It’s filled with dialogue, crappy and horrible dialogue by characters you don’t give a rats ass about and you hardly even see a werewolf in the movie! The only joy you get is to see the characters get killed off in way to boring and uncreative ways.

There were also trouble during the production of this film. Michael Fischa (Death Spa, Deadtime Stories) was supposed to direct this one, but was fired a few days into production. Looking back, I’m sure he is happy about that. The original assistant director Neal Sundström (Space Mutiny, Slash) got promoted and was the lucky one to get his name attached to the end result of this.

The acting here is dreadful by everyone. I feel particularly sorry for Elizabeth She who debuted here and did two more movies – Howling 6 and 7…

Howling V: The Rebirth simply sucks. Agatha Christie meets Werewolves are an idiotic idea. A little nudity, a nice location and castle are the only upsides here. It can be enjoyed by the simple stupidity that someone thought this was a good idea to make, but I would not recommend it to anybody at all.




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