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Howling III: The Marsupials

howling3Genre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: Howling III, Wolfmen

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: Barry Otto, Max Fairchild, Imogen Annesley, Dasha Blahova, Leigh Biolos


Just when you thought it was safe to go down under


Harry is a teacher and scientist who is fascinated by werewolves and believes he has footage of a real werewolf from Australia. He gets the funds to travel down under to investigate the history of the species and if there is anyone still alive to this day.

Jerboa is a young werewolf from a small clan that lives outside of society. She decides to run away after her stepfather tries to rape her and her meeting with civilization gets her a boyfriend and also a starring role in the movie business where she gets set to star in a low budget horror movie called Shapeshifters #8.

Harry does find the australian werewolves who are actually marsupials, basically a mix between werewolf and kangaroo. After discovering them the australian government sets out a plan to get rid of them and it all ends with the werearoo’s (?) having to make a run for it and flee away from civilization again.

The third Howling entry doesn’t really have anything to do with the previous ones, in this one the wolves aren’t even the bad guys. It’s filled with subplots and none of them are interesting or done well. Perhaps they could have put more work into Jerboa and Donny and made this into a love story, since that part seemed to be the only one that showed some potential.

It’s done by Philippe Mora, who also did the second Howling movie. He was very unhappy with that one and this was supposed to be his opportunity to make one in his vision. It’s confusing to see what his mission was with this since all the stories become a big clusterfuck and it’s neither funny as a comedy or scary as a horror movie.

The movie has a lot of weirdness to it. Jerboa has a birth and whatever you can call the little thing that crawled out will leave you in a what the hell kind of mood. The Shapeshifter 8 movie within this movie is done in a parody style leaving me wonder if this entire movie is done as a parody and that they where going for a silly comedy of sorts. It doesn’t quite make up its own mind and ends up being something in between everything I guess.

The Howling 3 is a mixed movie that doesn’t seem be have either the focus or a definitive thought on what it was supposed to be. It is a little funny at times, but all in all it’s not a very good movie.




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