Apr 07

Howling II: Sirba – Werewolf Bitch

Year: 1985
Country: USA

aka: Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, Horror, Howling II, Howling II: It’s Not Over Yet

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe, Reb Brown, Marsha A. Hunt, Sybil Danning


The rocking, shocking, new wave of horror!


Howling 2 starts directly after the first and shows us the funeral of Karen White (the main character from the first Howling). Her brother, Ben is attending the funeral where he meets Stephan, a werewolf expert who is out to find and destroy the werewolf queen Sirba. Together with Jenny, another reporter, they set out for Transylvania where Sirba is supposed to reside.

While the first Howling was a serious horror movie, this one is more of a 80’s silly, hyperactive and fun rollercoaster ride. The werewolves here are a bunch of horny killers. Sirba even has some type of magical powers and none of this actually make much sense. The werewolves are even immune to silver and titanium is now their big enemy. Oh, and there is an exploding dwarf!

The Transylvania part is filmed in Czech Republic and the scenery looks alright. The wolves costumes are ok, quite typical of the 80’s really. The special effects aren’t particularly good in this either. The original had some great work, so it’s too bad that they didn’t bother to try to replicate the same type of effects here.

Somehow they got Christopher Lee in this to play Stephan. To see him in 80’s “cool” sunglasses is a reason enough to enjoy this. According to Joe Dante, the director of the original Howling, Lee apologized for being involved in this on the set of Gremlins 2!

Sybil Danning (Chained Heat, Warrior Queen) plays Sirba. She looks gorgeous as always, even in a stupid costume here. She exposes her boobs and that scene is repeated about 20 times during the end credits with the new wave theme song playing over it!

The french borne director Philippe Mora is responsible for this mess. He had done a few movies before this, including Mad Dog Morgan and The Beast Within so why he was able to make such a product is beyond me. I hope for his sake that there where producers who didn’t know anything about making a movie getting involved or a very bad drug habit that would explain this. Even more surreal than this movie is the fact that he was allowed to do the third Howling movie after this!

Howling 2 is so bad that it’s actually entertaining. It opened the doors for several silly sequels that are really connected to the first Howling in name only and I guess it’s a good representation of 80’s silly comedy that became a big part of the later 80’s horror movies. It does suck, but I have to admit that I kind of like it.




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