Dec 13

Hot Boyz

hotboyzGenre: Action
Year: 2000
Country: USA

aka: Gang Law

Director: Master P
Starring: Silkk The Shocker, Gary Busey, Shireen Crutchfield, Clifton Powell, Anthony Johnson


They’re calling the shots.


Kool is an up and coming rapper who lives in a neighborhood where there is a lot of gang activity and violence. He is seeing a girl named LaShawna who are having big plans for her future and is soon going to college. Their future changes however when LaShawna finds a man stabbed to death in the streets and gets pinned for the murder and sent to jail. Kool does everything he can to get her out and together with officer Tully they make a plan for Kool to go undercover into the big street gang of the local mobster Saint and bring him down.

This is a highly enjoyable movie with big flaws. Master P’s directing had improved a lot since the days of I’m Bout it and with a bigger budget he was able to make a fun action flick out of the not so great screenplay that he had written. There are some huge plot holes and some scenes that are just not necessary for the movie like the karate part of Kools character which doesn’t go anywhere. But sometimes badly made movies can still provide enough entertainment so that you will remember the good parts over the bad.

Master P’s younger brother Silkk The Shocker stars as Kool and I’m gonna guess that P was trying to launch a possible movie career for his younger brother here. Silkk looks uncomfortable in some scenes, while he does show some potential in others. In the hands of a more experienced director he could perhaps do a good job in an action or comedy film. Gary Busey is the cop Tully, and Busey is of course always fun to watch in whatever he is in. Snoop Dogg was pretty good as one of Kools homeboys here. He got a lot of acting parts during his days with No Limit Records and it obviously had a lot to do with getting him to where he is today.

When you make a gangster movie and you sit on one of the hottest gangster rap record labels then it goes without saying that the music in the movie is good. I’m not sure why they felt the need to use C-Murder’s Like A Jungle track 4-5 times during the film, but it’s too good for me to complain on. The title of the movie is also interesting since No Limit’s rival record label from New Orleans, the Cash Money Records, had a supergroup called the Hot Boys. I’m sure this was not done by accident by P.

Hot Boyz is a very flawed action movie, but if you can look past its flaws and enjoy it for what it is and what it’s trying to be, then you have an excellent and fun film. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot and can watch it several times a year and I probably have more positive feelings towards this film than the average viewer would have.




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