Jun 16

Honor and Glory

honorandgloryGenre: Action
Year: 1993
Country: Hong Kong

original title: Zong Heng Tian Xia
aka: Angel The Kickboxer

Director: Godfrey Ho
Starring: Donna Jason, John Miller, Cynthia Rothrock, Chuck Jeffreys, Gerald Klein


Two tough and hot sisters locked in a deadly game.


Jason Slade is an evil businessman who are trying to get a hold of a nuclear trigger that he will resell it for big profits on the black market. Joyce Pride is a reporter who is trying to expose Slade for what he really is. This brings her a lot of trouble and together with Slade’s previous bodyguard Jake and her sister and FBI agent Tracey, they might just be able to stop him before it’s too late.

Honor and Glory is a poor effort by Godfrey Ho (Cobra vs. Ninja, Robo Vampire), who has given us countless hours of bad, but entertaining movies previous to this. The plot is frankly just stupid and the acting is the so extremely bad. I’m used to bad english dubbing so that’s nothing new, but just looking at the “acting” makes you disregard the dubbing altogether. It’s almost weird to see how every actor delivers their lines in the most awkward way possible.

What we do get here though is Cynthia Rothrock as a sidekick to Donna Jason (Undefeatable, Abducted 2: The Reunion). Why they didn’t use Cynthia as the main character is beyond me since Jason is ok, but no starring role material. John Miller (Hot Moves, Undefeatable) is cool as the evil Jason Slade. His character is way over the top and one-dimensional of course, but he does look good in the part, even if his acting sucks.

Chuck Jeffreys (Aftershock, Deathfight), who plays Jake the bodyguard who switches sides when he finds out that Slade is evil, acts and looks like a body double for Eddie Murphy. And last but not lest is Robin Shou (Casino Raiders, Tiger Cage 2) in a minor part, always bringing some joy to the screen.

What could have saved this movie is a bigger amount of fighting scenes and the ones that we do get do leave a little to be desired from such a great cast and fails to make this enjoyable enough to ignore its bundle of problems.

Honor and Glory is sadly a bad entry into Cynthia Rothrocks filmography and also into the Hong Kong long list of action movies. You can easily ignore this and get a dozen other ones who are much better. Skippable.




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