Sep 01

Home Movie

homemovieGenre: Horror / Thriller
Year: 2008
Country: USA

Director: Christopher Denham
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Cady McClain, Amber Joy Williams, Austin Williams, Lucian Maisel


I dare you to watch until our movie is done


The Poe family consists of four members. David is the father of the family, Clare is the mother and together they have two young children, one boy named Jack and one girl named Emily. They have a normal looking life, living in a big house out by the woods of the upstate New York.

David loves to videotape and document their daily lives and the tapes show that everything isn’t as idyllic that they would have liked it to be. The strangeness of the Poe family is slowly revealed while we watch all of their home movies… they are not your usual family, but who is really the evil ones?

The found footage genre in 2013 is filled with Paranormal Activity ghost movie ripoffs. Home Movie however is an entirely different entity. It takes the found footage concept and uses it to deliver a new and original story to the viewer. It goes for a slow-paced creepiness and nearly succeed 100% in delivering something great to the audience.

It is interesting in that it uses the overused POV camera style, but still goes for old school way of trying to creep out the audience instead of going the easy route and just do what everyone else with a found footage film is doing these days. The creepiness is built up slowly and when you finally do figure out what is actually going on, hell breaks loose. If it only had went a little further with the third act, then it would probably have been a much more effective film and a film that would be talked about like Sinister and Insidious. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how they should have gone with the third act, but I felt like the ending didn’t grab me and it never became something I will think of for days later or years to come.

To be fair though, this is probably a small budget indie film with a first time direction in Christopher Denham. And for being directorial debut, it is definitely a successful film and a job well done for him. The acting is also good, above average for a genre film even though we never get that attached to the family. The technical aspect of the film is handled well and there was some talented people involved in this project.

Home Movie is a creepy little film that I haven’t read much about before seeing. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being a hidden gem when people look back at the found footage craze of today. It is an effective, small film that is well worth seeing even if it isn’t something that will grab on to you when the movie is done.




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