Jul 17

Holliston – Season One

hollistonGenre: Comedy
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Adam Green
Starring: Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Dee Snider


Funny when someone loses their head


Adam Green and Joe Lynch are two young aspiring horror filmmakers who are both stuck in their hometown Holliston, MA. They live together in a small apartment and get by day-to-day by working for a local cable access station where they also have their own horror movie show called The Movie Crypt.

While Joe has a steady relationship with Laura, Adam has never gotten over his first love Corri. To his surprise and excitement, Corri has decided to move back to Holliston and Adam assumes that this means they will patch things up and once again become romantically involved with each other. However, she moving back is not the only surprise in store for Adam, cause when she does arrive back in Holliston she also brings a boyfriend with her.

Try to take this in for a second. Holliston is a sitcom (with a laugh track) about two horror filmmakers with plenty of horror movie related jokes and has Dee Snider and Oderus Urungus in its supporting cast. It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but FEARnet believed in the concept and let Adam Green create a first season of the show to test it out.

I’ve only seen the two first Hatchet movies from Adam Green and I haven’t been convinced of his talents yet, but I have to give him a lot of credit for even coming up with a concept like this and the fact that he dares to use his own life in a setting where it is presented to be made fun of. You can see in some of the more emotional scenes that he isn’t really acting at all, but rather channeling his old feelings of being rejected by the girl he once loved. The two girls however, Laura Ortiz and Corri English looks like they could act in stuff like this without any effort. Especially Ortiz is very natural in her goofy and adorable role.

It did however feel kind of weird that the most emotional scene of the first season is already there in the first episode when Corri comes back, but then again it would be hard to shuffle that scene into a later episode instead. It’s understandable that Green and Lynch wanted to play themselves in this show since it comes from a personal place, but they are also not great actors. The sitcom setting actually works for them, since it is a format where over-acting and being wacky is to be expected.

The premise of each episode is also very wacky, but creative and fun enough to make them work. I mean, what other show would you come across where the premise is that Tony Todd crashes the main characters couch and refuse to go away or how about an episode where the main characters visit a horror convention and make a fool out of themselves in front of their favorite actors and filmmakers.

Not only does the show have several horror stars, such as Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, John Landis and Tony Todd as guests, but Dee Snider and Oderus Urungus (from GWAR) has supporting roles and both of them are awesome on this show. They have the balls to make fun of themselves and both seem to have confidence in the show and is able to enjoy the experience.

Holliston, as with most sitcoms I assume, needs a few episodes to get started and when it does it becomes easy entertainment that for some reason works. It is a weird concept, mixing the traditional sitcom premise with splices of stuff from the horror community in it, but it should be enjoyable enough for both horror fans and just fans of sitcoms. I’d say it deserves to be given a chance.




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