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The Hills Run Red

hillsrunredGenre: Horror
Year: 2009
Country: USA

Director: Dave Parker
Starring: Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink, William Sadler, Janet Montgomery, Alex Wyndham


Trespassers will be slaughtered…


The 80’s slasher movie The Hills Run Red made by Wilson Wyler Concannon is an unreleased movie that is legendary in the horror circuit. Film student Tyler is obsessed with finding out the history behind the movie and he is desperate to find a copy so he can see it. He is able to track down the daughter of Concannon and finds her working in a strip club. He tries to convince her to help him find the lost movie, but because she is heavy into drugs she refuses.

After befriending her and helping her out with her drug problems, she agrees to join Tyler, his girlfriend Serina and their friend Lalo on a trip into the woods where her childhood home was to see if they can locate the film in her father’s old house, and also track down memories she had from when she was at the movie set. Things however do not go as planned and they get to experience why you should never go in the woods.

The hunt for a lost horror movie is a fun concept that every horrorfan will appreciate, but this is done quite better in John Carpenter’s “Cigarette Burns”, episode from Masters of Horror. The problem here is that it’s just not an effective movie. It’s got a lot of blood and guts, but it’s just throwed in and does not affect the viewers in any way.

This is directed by David Parker, a guy who has been involved with Kraa! The Sea Monster, Things and Bimbo Movie Bash. I don’t see any talent here and he doesn’t give any hints that he knows how a good horror movie should be structured.

The acting is very bad here, below average even for a genre movie. Tad Hilgenbrink (American Pie Presents Band Camp, Grave Situations) plays Tyler, and he is very dull and does not add anything to the movie. British actress Sophie Monk (Date Movie, Click) plays Alexa, the daughter of Wilson, and she is nice to look at and thankfully shows some flesh here. Her character is annoying and her acting is also bad at best. William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) is definitely the best actor on this movie, but his part isn’t very good and doesn’t bring out the best of him. I’m guessing he was brought in for a few days just so the film would look like it had some star power. Janet Montgomery (Black Swan, Our Idiot Brother) and Alex Windham (Arn: The Knight Templar, Red Mist) are simply there to add to the body count.

Serina and Lalo ends up going behind the back of Tyler and sleeps together, a subplot that doesn’t go anywhere or add anything except hatred towards the characters from the viewers. Another thing that was awkward and didn’t add anything was Alexa’s supposedly drug addiction that she was able to cut in 2 minutes thanks to the help of Tyler. Since it wasn’t expanded and done correctly it shouldn’t have been added in the first place since it served absolutely no purpose.

They tried to create a horror icon killer with Babyface and he is sort of a redneck retard with a mask on him. His presence is decent for this, but that type of character is done a lot better in previous movies, including of course Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Hills Run Red is a below average attempt at making a slasher movie. It has enough blood and nudity to make it watchable, but there’s not a lot of talent and creativity behind this and it will probably be a forgotten movie in the future, if that hasn’t already happened now only a few years later.




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