May 04

Hellraiser: Revelations

hellraiserevelationsGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Victor Garcia
Starring: Tracey Fairaway, Fred Tatasciore, Nick Eversman, Jolene Andersen, Steven Brand


The two childhood friends Steven and Nico decide to run away from their families and travel to Mexico for a weekend filled with alcohol, sex and other debauchery acts. The two boys never come back home and the only thing that has any hints of what happened to them is their found video camera with footage of everything they did south of the border.

A year after their disappearance, their family members gets together for a dinner and to grieve together over the fact that their private investigator still haven’t found anything that could solve the mystery of Steven and Nico. Their night together will however bring answers, in form of a strange puzzle box.

So… the rights to the Hellraiser franchise was apparently about to end, forcing Dimension to create another sequel if they wanted to keep them for a few more years. That’s not exactly the best starting point in creating a film, but Dimension went on with it and the result is perhaps the worst film that will ever bear the Hellraiser name in its title.

They even replaced Doug Bradley as Pinhead in this one, a choice that will obviously make fans of the franchise dislike this film even more. If they couldn’t get Bradley, then why not just let another cenobite run the show instead? The choice to have another actor play Pinhead just shows a lack of respect for the few fans that still check these sequels out, over twenty years since the franchise started.

The rushed production is very noticeable in the finished product. The characters are all poorly created, poorly acted and the plot is simple and dull. The visual effects aren’t the worst I have seen, but nothing that will bring any sort of enjoyment to experienced horror fans. The director of this film is the Spanish borned filmmaker Victor Garcia. He had horror experience with Return to House on the Haunted Hill and Mirrors 2 before this, but couldn’t do anything here to show that he is anyone to look out for in the future.

And what about the new Pinhead, played by Stephan Smith Collins? He comes off almost as a parody of the character that Doug Bradley brought to life in the eight previous films. It’s truly a disgrace to see what they have done with this beloved character and this franchise. I guess the best part of the film is that it doesn’t overstay its welcome since it has a running time of only 70 minutes.

Hellraiser: Revelations feels more like a film created by The Asylum than Dimension. It is an example of how little a film company respects its horror films and it is also a terrible film. Even die-hard cenobites fans will dislike this one and it would frankly be better if Dimension lost the rights to the franchise instead of creating this film.




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