Apr 28

Hellraiser: Deader

hellraiserdeaderGenre: Horror
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: Rick Bota
Starring: Kari Wuhrer, Paul Rhys, Simon Kunz, Marc Warren, Georgina Rylance


The latest most terrifying evil


The tough journalist Amy Klein has just finished her latest feature about crack addicts in the inner city before being sent right out again on another dangerous mission. This time she is sent to Bucharest to investigate a cult that call themselves for “The Deaders”.

She finds one of the deceased members of the cult and a strange puzzle box next to the body. When opening the box, she also opens up to a world filled with pleasure and pain, not to forget life and death…

Deader is the seventh entry to the Hellraiser franchise and fans who have stayed on for so long should not be surprised to see it not containing a story about Pinhead and his crew of cenobites. This time we again deal with personal demons within the main character, although that part is even less interesting this time around than in Inferno or Hellseeker.

There’s also more of guessing whether what we see is really happening or only in the head of the main character and by watching these sequels back to back it is starting to get old and dull by now. This film does have something that especially Hellseeker lacked though, it has a strong main character in Amy Klein. That’s mostly due to Kari Wuhrer though and not the writing of the character. She comes off as a strong and tough lady that still is able to show emotions when she has to.

It’s again Rick Bota who is behind the camera and again he does bring some visual flavor to the project. He also makes the best out of the European setting and the film does benefit from it, feeling a bit new and fresh. However, there is no denying that the main story and the “Deader” cult could use a lot more work to it. It should be very easy to create a cult in this setting that would be interesting, but this one and their leader was anything else than interesting to me.

There’s not that much I can say about Hellraiser. Deader. It is a very average horror film that is alright to watch if you have nothing else available. There’s some decent horror imagery and Wuhrer is good, but Hellraiser fans will still feel like they have been ripped off by still not getting enough scenes with Pinhead (Doug Bradley even looks unconvinced by the lines he has to deliver in this one). or the other cenobites. Hellraiser: Deader is not bad, not great, but easily forgettable.




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