Apr 25

Hellraiser: Hellseeker

hellraiserhellseekerGenre: Horror
Year: 2002
Country: USA

Director: Rick Bota
Starring: Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Rachel Hayward, Sarah-Jane Redmond


Evil. Deadly. Immortal.


Kirsty Cotton had survived the terrible encounter with the cenobites back when she was a teenager. Now she is a fully grown woman who has found love and gotten married with a guy named Trevor Gooden.

While driving on the road, the couple gets into an accident that leaves Kirsty drowned and Trevor as the only survivor. He still has his life, but is tormented by gruesome visions and terrible headache and amnesia. While trying to get over the accident, puzzles of his life and what really happened are starting to become more and more clear…

Hellseeker is, like Inferno, originally a psychological thriller with the Hellraiser franchise added to it. To make it connect this time around, they decided to bring back the survivor of the first two films – Kirsty Cotton (played again by the ever so lovely Ashley Laurence). Even if she is brough back, the story doesn’t revolve around her but it rather focuses on her husband Trevor.

The movie plays like a mindfuck, never letting the viewer know what’s real and what’s only in Trevor’s head. This is something that is done in most of the second part of the Hellraiser franchise for some unknown reason… It worked much better in the previous film, Inferno, then it does here and the film really makes the Hellraiser fans wish for more cenobite action. As with Inferno, Pinhead isn’t very active and this time it takes a bit over 30 minutes before we get a quick peek of the popular guy.

Dean Winters has to carry the movie by himself in the role of Trevor and he does not convince at all. I wish that they had made Trevor more likeable or at least able to show some type of feelings. Although I don’t think he’s that great of an actor, I have seen Winters deliver performances with much more effort in other projects such as the excellent TV show Oz, so I know he can do much better than this. He is simply just boring in this film.

The film is visually interesting and it is easy to see that director Rick Bota originally was a cinematographer (and after only a few more films as a director, he would go back to this task). There’s plenty of nightmares and flashbacks for him to play with here and while it is easy to become tiresome by that, he does manage to make it work and become interesting even if we really all would rather want to see some more Pinhead action.

Even if Hellraiser: Hellseeker has some positive aspects to it, it is still a film that is average at best and should never have had the Hellraiser name attached to it. It might be a decent watch for those who also enjoyed Inferno, but for fans of the original Hellraiser films who expect more stories set in the original Clive Barker world this will be a disappointment.




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