May 10

He Knows You’re Alone

Year: 1980
Country: USA

aka: Blood Wedding

Director: Armand Mastroianni
Starring: Don Scardino, Caitlin O’Heaney, Elizabeth Kemp, Tom Rolfing, Lewis Arlt


Every girl is frightened the night before her wedding, but this time… there’s good reason!


A killer is on the loose stalking brides to be. Detective Len Gamble is becoming more and more obsessed with chasing down the killer and stop his path of death. The latest victim was murdered out in the public in a cinema, proving that the killer will let nothing come between him and his lust for blood.

Amy Jensen is a young woman who is engaged to a guy named Phil. While Phil is away on a bachelor weekend, Amy is having some second thoughts about the upcoming marriage and her second thoughts are also helped by having her ex-boyfriend Ray who still is in love with her and wants her to stop the wedding. Her wedding becomes the last of her problems however when the killer sets his eyes on her and start to stalk her and her friends.

After the huge success of Halloween, the gates opened up for cheap slasher films to emerge and it was solidified by the success of Friday the 13th, proving that horror fans still wanted more even after being terrified by Michael Myers. He Knows You’re Alone is one of the many that followed and while it did do well, it has also become a forgotten slasher film.

A reason why it’s not remembered that much is that it doesn’t set itself apart from all the other slashers at the time and also because it is quite lacking in the blood and gore department. The story is very basic, but not much more is needed when you are creating a simple slasher film. However, there must be tension and this film doesn’t have much of that. The killer becomes boring compared to other slasher icons since he looks like an average guy and most of his stalking scenes are too Halloween inspired with him standing around in the background, stalking his victim with his stare.

It also feels like they didn’t have enough material for a full feature film and had too many filler scenes and it feels like it lacked passion and energy. The film also feels very safe, thanks to the lack of violent scenes. It comes close to having a feel of a made-for-tv thriller, and that’s not what slasher fans wanted even back in 1980. It also didn’t help very much that the music score feels like a rip-off of the iconic Halloween theme song.

While I have been very negative about it so far, it does have its good spots aswell. The leading girl Amy, played by Caitlin O’Heaney is sweet and perfect as a final girl of the era. She is a beautiful and strong female that are easy to care for and I do wish she was used in something where she had a more interesting killer to go up against. Even though this film is mostly forgotten, it does have some sort of fame for featuring the cinematic debut of none other than Tom Hanks, who pops up in a smaller part.

He Knows You’re Alone is a decent slasher that big fans of the slasher films will find interesting, but for the average horror fan it might become a little bit too stereotypical of the early 80’s slasher films and since there are enough other slashers of the time that are more gory and interesting there just isn’t enough reasons why anyone should put this on their priority list of movies to see.




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