Nov 05

Hatchet III

hatchet3Genre: Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Director: BJ McDonnell
Starring: Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, Parry Shen


Some legends never die


Marybeth Dunston is the last survivor after the massacre created by Victor Crowley. She was able to finally end the life of the bloodthirsty maniac and with her final strengths, she walks into the local police station holding the remaining piece of Crowley’s scalp before she passes out.

Sheriff Fowler believes that Marybeth is responsible for the murders that has happened out in the woods and locks her up before he heads out to investigate the events that took place the night before. Victor Crowley might be cut to pieces and presumably dead… but that doesn’t seem to be enough to stop his unrelentless spirit.

I was never a fan of the first two Hatchet movies. I’ve so far found this series to offer little new to the slasher subgenre in terms of originality, suspense or even fun. They might not be made to be taken very serious, but when the films isn’t even funny then there’s little to none entertainment quality to be found.

However, I’m still watching these and by now it has become hard to justify why. I saw the first since it was a praised slasher film by a big part of the online horror community and I saw the second one because of Danielle Harris, my favorite scream queen of all time (yes, I said it). So I guess I can use that excuse again since Harris is once again in the driving seat as Marybeth, Victor Crowley’s biggest nemesis.

They also switched something up this time by allowing a new director take the charge of the film. Instead of having Adam Green do the directorial job again, the up and coming director BJ McDonnell (who worked as a cameraman on the first two) was allowed to have his debut in the directors chair. But even with a new director, the film still feels exactly the same as the previous two in this franchise and I’m guessing that’s what they wanted anyways.

The story is still the same old, the way they brought Victor Crowley back to life almost made this become a parody of itself and the new characters are still as dull as the ones in the previous films. Harris is a bit better in this one, but she can’t save this film on her own. The new co-star this time around is Zach Galligan, mostly known from Gremlins, and he could just as well have been in a Syfy film to be honest.

While the film does deliver gore and more sick humour, it just does not work for me. But fans of the first two films shouldn’t care about what I have to say about this since this will probably please them anyway. And if you like these films, then more power to you. Have fun with them while I’ll find something else to suit my taste more.




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