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Halloween II

halloween2Genre: Horror
Year: 2009
Country: USA

Director: Rob Zombie
Starring: Sheri Moon Zombie, Chase Wright Vanek, Scout Taylor-Compton, Brad Dourif, Danielle Harris


Family is forever


A year has gone by since Michael Myers left a trail of bodies behind him in Haddonfield on the night of Halloween. Laurie Strode is now dealing with the fact that she was nearly killed by Michael by showing an extreme rage towards everyone and acting very childish.

Michael has not given up his hunt for Laurie and has been recovering his wounds for a year. Now that Halloween is right around the corner, he once again but this time he has a different plan for his little sister and is not out to murder her.

It took me some time to get over the fact that they remade Halloween and when I saw it recently I didn’t hate but also didn’t love it. I figured a sequel would be something similar, but boy was I wrong on that assumption. This sequel rivals the worst of the sequels from the original series. I would not mind it if Busta Rhymes popped up for a karate fight in this one.

There is so many changes from the first one and none of them made much sense to me. Michael Myers is now a tall hobo looking fella who has visions of his dead mother and a white horse popping up everywhere he goes. He isn’t that worried about wearing a mask in this one and has also started to grunt heavily, an odd departure from the previous film where he prefered to stay hidden at all times and was a silent assassin. It’s kind of odd how Michael Myers looks a lot like Rob Zombie himself actually.

We didn’t get to know Laurie Strode that well in the first one, but she did seem like a girl who was careful and cute. Here she is a grunge looking, bipolar and bitchy. I can understand that they wanted to show that the terrible events has deeply affected her, but she comes off more as a bratty teenager than a depressed girl who are filled with anxiety. You would expect a filmmaker who proclaims that he loves horror films to know that the final girl of a slasher film needs to be someone the audience will care about and want to survive. Again it is Danielle Harris’ character Annie who seem the most likeable, even if the film isn’t really about her.

Dr. Loomis has become a money and fame hungry author and has developed some arrogant and douchebag traits since the last time we saw him. It’s fine that they wanted to change the characters up a little, but I just fail to see the meaning behind these changes and why didn’t they have any of these traits in the first film? Why even bring back the same characters if you are going to change everything about them. All the changes happens from the end of the last film til the start of this one so it can hardly be called character development, since that is something the audience is actually supposed to see during the movies.

It doesn’t help the film much that it last for two hour and spends twenty minutes of it within one of the characters dream. There is also a cameo with Weird Al showing up to make some jokes about Dr. Loomis on a talk-show. As much as I enjoy Weird Al, I would never have expected or wanted to see him in a Halloween film. It also doesn’t help that the dialogue in the film is atrociously bad, every character is either cursing or talking about fucking, usually both.

There are scenes in the film that makes no sense to me, including a big party scene (I always imagined Haddonfield to be a quiet small town and I could not imagine something like this take place in a small town like that) which looks like it was added to promote some weird rock looking band. To just summarize everything here, the script by Rob Zombie is absolutely terrible. I had to question myself if this was made as a joke while I was watching it and I even wonder now if it was made as a fuck you to someone, but I can not figure out who that would have been directed at. I just cannot understand why he wanted to go in this direction or why anyone would allow him to.

I sometimes note that a film might lack passion or energy, but I don’t think I have ever said that a film looks like it is made by someone who hates what he is creating. Halloween 2 feels like a film made as a joke. I have no idea how Rob Zombie was able to actually get something like this done without anyone smelling what was going on. While his first remake felt a little pointless, this one is just awful. I’m sure that in the future, people will look back at this and praise it for being so terrible. But for me who grew up with the Michael Myers character this is just shockingly dreadful.




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